Choosing Your Special 10k Yellow Gold Chain

A 10k yellow gold chain is a classic piece of jewelry that can add instant class to any outfit. eBay offers many different styles and lengths of affordable 10k gold chains for men, women and teens; some come with pendants. The tips below can help you choose a 10k gold chain to wear or present as a gift.

What types of links do 10k gold chains have?

10k chains have different types of links that distinguish one type of chain from the next. These include:

  • Ball or bead: This type has tiny round beads that are linked together. These are commonly found with military-style dog tags.
  • Box: Box chains have links shaped like little square or rectangular boxes. They are commonly seen on necklaces that support pendants.
  • Cable: This simple chain consists of round or oval links, typically of the same size. Cable chains vary greatly depending on the shape, thickness, and details of the links.
  • Rope: These chains, featuring strands of gold twisted together, are also often used to support pendants, as they let the pendant slide along the chain easily.
Composition and colors of 10k gold

10k gold is 10 parts gold and 14 parts other types of metal. The alloy can include metals like nickel, zinc, or silver. You can find 10k chains made of yellow, white, rose, or multitone gold. Since 10k chains have less gold than 18k or 14k ones, they cost less, so they're a good choice for jewelry lovers on a budget. They are also harder than those made of higher-karat gold.

Consider chain thickness when choosing your 10k gold chain.

The chain's desired thickness depends on how the wearer plans to use it. If you're buying a chain to use with a pendant, it's a good idea to select one that's heavy enough to support the weight of the pendant but not so thick that the pendant would stick out awkwardly or be less noticeable.

How does a gold-plated 10k chain differ from a solid gold one?

A gold-plated 10k chain is made out of a base metal coated with 10k gold. A solid 10k gold chain is one that is made entirely of 10k gold without any plating.