Travel in Style with 17-Inch Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bags

Traveling with your 17-inch laptop or tablet can be cumbersome due to its size. Rather than carrying it around, you can place it inside a laptop messenger bag. You can then take the bag with you to the office, on a plane, and even on your bike.

What is a messenger bag?

A messenger bag is different from a backpack. It enables you to sling it across your chest like a messenger while leaving your hands free to carry things. The messenger bag is designed in such a way as to enable you to fit other items beyond the laptop in it, too.

How do you determine the correct messenger bag size?

Look at the size of your laptop screen. If you have a 17-inch laptop or tablet, you will want to get a 17-inch laptop bag. If your messenger bag isn't large enough, your laptop won't fit inside it. Further, if the bag that you purchase is too big, it may not have the necessary padding inside it to protect your laptop device.

What are some of the available features in the messenger?

The 17-inch laptop shoulder messenger bags have different features for you to take advantage of to protect your device. In addition, consider all of the accessories you will want to fit inside the bag, such as a tablet, charging cables, a portable mouse and keyboard, and more. Features to consider for your bag include:

  • Interior and/or exterior pockets
  • Neoprene sleeve for added protection
  • Shoulder padding for comfort
  • Waterproof design
  • Reflective tabs for traveling in low-lit areas
What are the materials the bag is commonly made from?

A laptop messenger bag can be made from an array of materials. Review what's available to determine what is best for where you will go with your carry-on bag as well as what your color options are. Some materials are also more durable or lightweight than others. Materials to consider include:

  • Canvas
  • Leather/synthetic leather
  • Nylon
  • Neoprene
  • Polyester
How does the messenger bag close?

A messenger bag may feature all sorts of closures. Look at what's available to determine what will work best based on where you will be traveling.

  • Buckle: One or two buckles may keep the flap in place.
  • Plastic clip: Some bags will use plastic clips that snap the flap closed.
  • Fold-over flap: There may not be any closure beyond simply folding the flap over the opening.
  • Zipper: A zipper may go over the main opening and then the flap folds over, providing more protection.