17-inch Laptop Cases and Bags

Carrying a 17-inch laptop can be a tall order, especially because these portable computers are large and often heavy. As such, finding a laptop case or bag can help you transport your computer without causing you problems. When it comes to laptop bags, there are many styles and designs from which to choose.

What types of laptop bags are there?

There are four main types of bags designed to carry 17-inch laptops:

  • Rolling laptop bags: A rolling laptop bag sits on wheels so that you can roll it to your final destination. This option saves your back and can provide you with extra room to store power cords and other laptop accessories.
  • Sleeves: Laptop sleeves are thin cases that are designed to slide around the laptop. The sleeves can then be put into another backpack.
  • Messenger bags: This type of laptop bag has one strap that goes over the shoulder and across the body. This style is often used, as they are soft.
  • Backpacks: Backpacks that are specifically designed to carry large mobile computers have extra padding to cushion your back. They also often have extra space to carry books and notebooks for school or work.
What features can you look for in laptop cases?

When looking for a laptop bag, you may want to look for these features:

  • Durable outer layer: The outer layer should be sturdy enough to protect your computer against outdoor conditions.
  • Straps: Sturdy shoulder straps keep the bag on your back or over your body. If the shoulder strap breaks, the bag could fall and cause damage to your electronics.
  • Storage space: Depending on your needs, you may want a bag that contains additional space for other items.
  • Laptop pocket: If you are looking for a backpack or rolling laptop case, there may be a special pocket just for your laptop. Other bags may not have this compartment.
  • Lock: If you are worried about the safety of your electronics, choose a laptop bag that has a lock.
What can you consider when looking for laptop cases?

There are a few things you may take into account when looking for something to carry your large portable electronics in. Among them may be:

  • Fit: Your bag should fit your electronics snugly. This way, they are padded properly to help protect them against accidental drops.
  • Construction: Laptop backpacks and other cases should be constructed from quality materials. Not only does this make the carrying case last longer but also adds to the protection level for your electronics.
  • Style: You may like some styles of laptop cases more than others. Choose one that is comfortable to wear and is easy with which to travel.
  • Space: When you look for a laptop backpack or messenger bag, you want to make sure there is enough space for accessories, such as a keyboard and mouse.