Choosing 18-inch Laptop Backpacks to Fit Your Needs

If youre going to invest your hard-earned money in a laptop, it makes sense that you would want a bag that allows you to properly protect it whether you have the computer with you at home, youre on the go, or youre at work. The 18-inch laptop backpacks can help keep your 18-inch laptops safe. If you have a laptop of that size or youre contemplating getting one, the following questions and answers may assist you with choosing a laptop backpack that fits your needs.

What brands offer 18-inch laptop backpacks?

In your search, you may find several brands of 18-inch laptop backpacks. A few you might come across include Everki, Mobile Edge, and SwissGear.

In what colors can you find 18-inch laptop backpacks?

Its possible to find these laptop backpacks in a slew of different colors, whether youre looking for a black bag or one thats a little more vibrant. Additional colors might include navy blue, pink, gray, red, and more. Some of the bags will be a single color while others will feature two or more hues in some capacity.

What are potential features of 18-inch laptop backpacks?

Although the overall general design of a backpack is the same, features for a backpack that fits an 18-inch laptop can vary from one to the next, providing you with the ability to choose a bag that you feel is right for you, your laptop, and your additional devices. Some of the potential features include:

  • Being comprised of water-resistant material
  • Padded pockets to protect a laptop or tablet
  • Separate internal pockets
  • The ability to convert to a different style of bag
  • Padded handle and straps
  • Water bottle pockets
  • Zippered pockets for organization of separate items
  • Back panel ventilation
  • USB charging port for phone or additional devices
How do you carry 18-inch laptop backpacks?

As the name suggests, backpacks are designed to be worn on the back. However, thats not necessarily the only way to carry the accessory. If you would prefer to carry it a different way, you may be able to do so in your hand if there is a handle located at the top of the bag. Alternatively, you could also carry it in your hand via the backpack straps. Convertible bags that fit an 18-inch laptop provide different means of transporting the bag as well. These alternative options provide you with opportunities to decide which you feel is the most comfortable method for you to transport the bag and your laptop in a safe manner.

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