A Guide to Selecting the Best 18-Karat Yellow Gold Chain Fine Necklaces Without Stones

On a special day, you'll want to get decked out in fine jewelry. For occasions like this, consider 18-karat yellow gold chain fine necklaces without stones. eBay has a varied collection that can suit your needs.

What kind of 18-karat gold chains are on eBay?

When you're looking to purchase new or pre-owned 18-karat yellow gold necklaces on eBay, you'll find a list of categories that can help with your choice. These categories are grouped by features. They are:

  • Length: The length you choose will determine how low your necklace will fall and how many times you can wrap it to make layers. Lengths choices on eBay are 13 to 15.99 inches, 16 to 17.99 inches, 18 to 19.99 inches, 20 to 21.99 inches, 22 to 23.99 inches, 24 to 29.99 inches, and more than 35 inches. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Metal used: The yellow gold is available as pure yellow gold or yellow gold-plated.
  • Brand: Tiffany offers a nice variety of 18-karat yellow gold chain necklaces. If you prefer not to have a brand name, eBay offers unbranded necklaces, as well.
Plated versus non-plated gold chains

A pure 18k gold chain means that both the interior and exterior of the chain are made out of gold. When a chain is plated with gold, however, the exterior is a thin layer of gold covering a different metal. Although this thin layer of gold does prevent a gold-plated chain from chipping or tarnishing, the life span of a gold-plated chain is limited, lasting roughly 10 to 30 years. A pure 18k gold chain will last forever.

What styles are available?

You can decide to go with a simple chain that wraps around your neck, or you can add a pendant to the chain. Pendants are available in a variety of themes such as beauty, love and hearts, and luck. To match the chain, the pendants are often yellow gold or yellow gold-plated, as well.

Pre-owned 18k gold chains

Purchasing pre-owned 18k gold chains can be a great idea if you're looking for an expensive brand name. Tiffany 18k gold chains are quite pricey when new. However, eBay offers pre-owned Tiffany gold chains at much more affordable prices. When you buy a pre-owned gold necklace, you can also find vintage jewelry that a company no longer makes.