1960 Heavy Equipment Parts & Accessories

1960 Model Year Accessories for Your Vintage Tractor

There’s something to be said for the dependability of a good tractor, especially when you need heavy equipment for the spring and summer growing seasons. In many cases, modern farmers depend on vintage tractors that have been in use for generations, and with these, you sometimes need replacement components. When you need antique tractor accessories, you can find these on many platforms in both OEM and aftermarket varieties. Options like stabilizer hydraulics, manuals, and various components like bearings and bushings will all extend the life of your workhorse equipment.

Can I find heat shields for tractors on the market?

The heat shield is an integral component of a John Deere because it helps dissipate the excess heat that’s being generated by the vehicle’s motor. One of the best features of online platforms is that you can usually find body components for your vintage tractor, including the heat shield.

How important is it to use a PTO shield?

The power take-off (PTO) shaft is one of the most useful tractor parts for 1960 models and later years because it allows for the efficient transfer of mechanical power between the tractor and any attached implements. Unfortunately, with its high revolution rate, this shaft is also dangerous to work around. The PTO shield is designed to prevent accidental PTO shaft contact so that your farming is safer.

How do I restore the stabilizer hydraulics on my backhoe?

To help provide enhanced digging capabilities, many owners attach a backhoe to their tractor. To provide leverage, the stabilizer hydraulics lower and raise the stabilizers so that you can dig easier. Over time, the hydraulic system that powers these stabilizers can start to malfunction, which usually happens due to hydraulic fluid leaks. You can usually notice this when you see a trickle of liquid appearing at the hydraulic cylinder's telescoping section. When this happens, you may have a harder time deploying the hydraulics, and you may even experience the hydraulics starting to fall when they are not deployed.

When this happens, you can find a replacement hydraulic stabilizer system on the 1960 Ford tractor model parts market, or you can have the hydraulic line resealed. Since two ends pump in hydraulic fluid, it’s important to ensure the job is done right so that your backhoe functions properly.

Which Massey Ferguson 1960 tractor parts help cool the engine?

For the sake of your engine, the most important heat-regulating component is the water pump. This pump propels coolant throughout your tractor so that heat is leeched from the engine block and dispersed by the radiator. Without the pump, the coolant would sit in the radiator, and the engine on your vintage tractor would overheat.

Are there replacement options for aging components?

Since the first operating year of this model of the Massey Ferguson model was in 1960, many of these tractors have seen a lot of spring growing seasons. For this reason, some components may have rusted away or have been damaged. Fortunately, you can find these on the market. Here are a few examples of components to consider:

  • Hood emblems
  • Tractor hoods
  • Oil filter covers
  • Clutch pulley shields
  • Tractor grills
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