2016 Apple MacBook Pro Laptops

Finding the Right Laptop

Since we use laptop computers for so much in modern life, it stands to reason that you want to find one that is right for your needs. Despite their uniform design and style, there is quite a lot of variety in Apples offering of laptops. As theyre seen as the model with the greatest performance power, choosing the right MacBook Pro is even more critical than normal.

What Are Some Features Unique to a MacBook Pro?

Although they can be used for the same kinds of tasks and activities as other laptops, new MacBooks often come with unique features, like:

  • Touch Bar: Normally laptops simply feature a trackpad and keyboard that together allow you to navigate and control your computer. Some of the new MacBooks like the 2016 version, also feature a multi-touch touch bar which provides shortcut functions depending on which program youre using instead of regular function keys.
  • Touch ID: Rather than using a password to unlock your computer, new MacBooks feature a Touch ID function that allows you to login with just your fingerprint.
  • Operating System: Unlike other brands of laptops, Apple MacBooks run on a proprietary operating system, MacOS.
  • USB-C and Thunderbolt Ports: In order to transfer data to and from the computer, as well as connect with peripherals and other devices, the MacBook Pro has several USB-C ports and several Thunderbolt 3 ports.

What Are Some Standard Features of a MacBook Pro?

There are some features of laptops that are generally similar whether theyre for a MacBook or other brand laptop, including:

  • Laptop Battery: So that they can be truly portable and not restricted by access to power sockets, MacBooks leverage a lithium-polymer battery with a battery life of 10 hours surfing the Internet over Wi-Fi.
  • Screen Display: So that you can see what youre doing, the MacBook Pro features an LED-backlit LCD screen and different sizes in the 13-inch MacBook and 15-inch model. See the manufacturer site for size details.

What Are Vital Technical Components of Laptops?

To understand what kind of performance you can expect from a computer, it helps to look at and compare the specifications of certain components, such as:

  • Local Storage: So that you may have convenient access to all of your documents, music, and photos, MacBooks use a PCIe-based solid state drive, or SSD, of various capacities depending on your needs.
  • Computer Processor: This component affects the speed of your computer and the number of programs you can run at once. For greater performance, the CPU can be designed with a dual-core, quad-core, or multi-core architecture.
  • Graphics Card: To support graphics-intensive programs and other demanding applications, laptops can include a graphics card like an AMD Radeon Pro.

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