A/C Heater Controls for Chevrolet El Camino

Controlling the climate inside your Chevrolet El Camino is one of the comforts any vehicle can offer. Selecting which controls fit inside your classic Chevy is essential to preserving the look and feel of your automobile.

Which A/C heater control works inside a Chevrolet El Camino?

For specific power information, check the manufacturer of your Chevrolet to be sure which model of A/C heater control will connect correctly. Each Chevy year and model may have unique requirements. With different engine sizes and power outputs, only your manufacturer or your manual can tell you the exact specs of your vehicle.

Once you have determined which connection works with your El Camino, you will have a multitude of options to select from. Exactly which style you choose will depend on your personal preference. Designs from classics to preserve the look and feel of your Chevy El Camino to futuristic models with multicolored lights can all be chosen.

Can a Chevrolet El Camino function without A/C heater controls?

Yes. The climate control system in your El Camino is purely for comfort. Though it may be uncomfortable to operate your vehicle in extreme cases of heat or cold, the A/C heater controls are not necessary to driving your Chevrolet like the wheels, motor, or brakes.

Do different A/C heater controls have different features?

Yes. The model you choose to install in your El Camino may or may not have particular features like other styles. If your goal is to set a specific temperature or to have dials, you will need to choose which works and looks best for your preferences. Not every model comes standard with each feature.

Will A/C heater controls run down your battery?

As with anything electronic in your El Camino, the A/C heater system will run off of the electricity stored in your battery. Running the A/C or heater may use electricity from your battery, but when running, the alternator inside your car will turn to store up a charge. The typical battery life for an El Camino is three to five years with consistent use of the climate controls.

Can you transfer the A/C heater controls from another car?

Every automobile has different power outputs as well as connections to the climate control system. To know exactly which models will fit inside your car, it is necessary to check with the manufacturer of both the automobile you are taking the A/C heater controls from and the one you are transferring them to. If both specs match up and have the same connections, you are safe to make the switch on your Chevrolet. It may also be possible to change connections with the correct wiring.