AT&T Cell Phones and Smartphones

In order to make the most of your AT&T service, finding the right phone is essential. With so many options to choose from, it can take time to pick out the exact mix of features you want. Whether you're looking for HD video streaming or to make and receive occasional calls, the right choice will depend on your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

What cell phones work with AT&T?

Most manufacturers have models that will work with AT&T plans. Apple, Samsung, HTC, Jitterbug, and LG all make cell phones designed to work with AT&T.

What does unlocked mean?

A "locked" cell phone is one that is designed to work only on the network of the provider. AT&T allows you to bring your own device, meaning you can bring unlocked equipment to their plans. Unlocked simply means that this device will work on any network that allows you to bring your own.

What classifies a wireless device as a smartphone?

At minimum, smart means high-speed internet, mobile apps, and high-resolution video. Additional smart features on some models include voice recognition, wireless charging, and retinal scanners.

What kind of phone should you choose?

Depending on your needs, there are several layouts which may work for you. No one design works for everyone, which is why there are so many. Here are a few common layout categories.

  • Touchscreen: This model type gives you a single HD screen and a few function buttons on the side and edge. The digital touchscreen handles most input, including an on-screen number pad to make calls. Models in this category include the LG V30, Samsung's Galaxy S series, the Apple iPhone, and the HTC One. This design type is a good choice if you are looking for a simple, stream-lined model.
  • Flip: This category includes phones with a clamshell case that let you open and close your phone as needed. If you need to make a call, you can use a physical number pad to dial. Flip smartphones usually come with built-in keyboards as well as number pads. Models of this type include Jitterbug Flip, LG Revere, and Samsung Convoy. Due to the protective flip cover, this design works well if you need something sturdy.
  • Phablet: This category includes larger models such as the Samsung Note series and Apple iPhone Plus. If you are looking for something between a standard-size touchscreen smartphone and a tablet, a phablet can be a good choice.

What does 4G LTE mean?

Devices with LTE can use a dedicated, high-speed wireless mobile network that is available in most cities.