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Ab Rocket Fitness Equipment & Gear

The Ab Rocket Twister is an exercise machine that targets the abdominal muscles. With proper and regular use, this abdominal equipment may help people to achieve tighter, flatter cores. These machines come with a range of gear that helps to maximize results.

What is the Ab Rocket Twister?

The Ab Rocket Twister is a piece of equipment that consists of a back and head apparatus as well as rolling cushions. The upper apparatus supports the neck so that it doesn't get fatigued during an extensive abs workout. The rolling cushions gently massage and support the back. The Ab Rocket Twister has three different levels, which allows users to increase the difficulty of their crunches.

How do you use the Ab Rocket Twister?

The Ab Rocket Twister can be used to exercise the core, the lower abdominals, the upper abdominals, and the oblique muscles. To use this trainer, people sit down and lean their back against the cushioned roller apparatus. They hold onto the side handles, and then begin to crunch backward and forwards. The Ab Rocket Twister's exercise efficiency technology aims to provide people with a more strenuous abs workout than they would sans equipment.

What exercises can be performed with the Ab Rocket Twister?

To work the oblique muscles or the side abdominal muscles, you can change the machine's setting so that the machine moves side to side instead of up and down.

The Ab Rocket Twister comes with a workout DVD, which gives new Rocket users tips on how to use their fitness trainer. While the Twister is primarily for crunches, it may be used to achieve a total body workout. People can use the Rocket to do leg presses, shoulder exercises, and Pilates moves.

When people order the Ab Rocket Twister, they also receive a selection of additional tools and gear. This includes the following:

  • Fitness DVDs: The Rocket comes with instructional DVDs, which include a Pilates routine, a cardio routine, and a 5-minute abs routine.
  • Resistance Bands: These three bands enable users to work their arm muscles while on the Twister. They offer various levels of resistance, which allows users to customize their fitness experience.
  • Meal Plans: A healthy diet can increase weight loss results when used with an exercise plan. The Rocket Meal Plan gives users tips on how to improve their weekly meal regimen, providing healthy recipes that may boost energy levels while minimizing caloric intake.