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Air Hogs Other Hobby RC Model Vehicle Kits

Air Hogs RC model vehicles offer videos, games, drones, racing challenges, stunts, and more. Some of the vehicle models come in Star Wars, Star Trek, Thunderbirds, military, and other licensed and real-world versions. Designs such as hovering spheres and racers are also available.

Is assembly required for the Air Hogs RC vehicles?

Most Air Hogs models come as fully assembled vehicles, although some assembly may be required for specific models. Out of the box, most models will only require battery installation and charging before their first use. Video versions may require additional setup to view, download, and save the video footage. Check the manufacturer's instructions for additional information before using.

How long does the battery last?

Air Hogs helicopter and other toys' battery life may vary depending on several factors, including video use, speed, stunts, games, distance, and more. Most remote control models can provide at least five to seven minutes of play time after about 30 minutes of charging time. Charging times may also vary depending on charge rate, charger type, and other factors.

How are RC helicopters or drones charged?

Check the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific model to ensure proper performance. It is recommended that you use only the charger that comes with the model. Take the following steps to charge your device:

  • Plug the charger cable into the charging port on the device.
  • Set the switch to the charging position on the device if applicable.
  • Charge for a few hours. Let your model charge for as long as possible if you plan to use your model for an extended period of time.
  • Charging is complete when the indicator light changes color or the indicator stops flashing.
Can you use a target with the remote control helicopter?

Yes. Most of the remote control toys will work with a target. Certain remote control helicopter models include one for practicing controller and shooting skills by navigating the aircraft to different locations.

Can a different USB cable be used with Spin Masters?

The factory-provided USB cable is recommended for optimal performance. This cable is similar to most smartphone, tablet, and MP3 player USB cables. Alternate cables of the appropriate size will work with the Spin Master. At least 480 Mbps data speed is recommended.

What features improve durability of RC vehicles?

Vehicle structure is designed to withstand crashes, and controls feature gyro-stability to reduce crashes. Some vehicles feature removable shields for additional protection.

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