Airbrush Systems & Sets

Pushing Paint With Airbrush Systems Sets

From taxidermy to hockey masks, airbrushes provide hobbyists and professionals with a tool that applies paint in the smaller volumes that larger spray guns are not designed to handle. Artists can use the finite control an airbrush offers to perform blending and detailing on almost any surface. Whether you airbrush makeup, detail motorcycle tanks, or paint plastic models, there are airbrush sets available on eBay that can meet your artistic needs.

What items are needed to start airbrushing at home?

A complete airbrush setup will consist of multiple items, each of which can be purchased individually or as part of an airbrush kit from a manufacturer. An airbrush can come in a standard design or include special design features for specific applications, such as a tool designed to airbrush makeup. The things needed to begin airbrushing from home include the following items:

  • Air: Sources include canned air or an air compressor
  • Hose: Used to deliver air from the air source to the brush
  • Airbrush: Used to apply the medium to your subject with air delivered by the hose
What types of airbrush designs are available for purchase online?

An airbrush is described by its trigger operation and feed system. A single-action trigger sprays mixed air and medium when it is moved. The dual-action trigger moves in two directions. Pressing the trigger down supplies air, and pulling the trigger back delivers the medium. A dual-action airbrush offers more control. Airbrush designs mix air and medium in the needle chamber through the following ways:

  • Gravity feed: Airbrushes use gravity to pull the medium from a cup attached to the top.
  • Siphon feed: Airbrushes use the air to siphon the medium from a bottle attached on the bottom.
  • Side feed: Airbrushes use a side cup for gravity feed or a side bottle for siphon feed.
What types of mediums can be used through an airbrush?

A variety of materials can be used in an airbrush, depending upon their viscosity. Unless they are mixed for airbrush use, mediums will need to be thinned for use and cleaned from the airbrush interior when done. Possible mediums are listed below:

  • Inks
  • Airbrush makeup
  • Nail polish
  • Paints
  • Stains