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Alpine Car Speakers & Speaker Systems

All the Information You Need About Alpine Speakers

Alpine car speakers are designed to provide immense power and sound quality. A diverse selection of these speakers is available on eBay at affordable prices to enable you to find a pair of speakers that is compatible with your vehicle.

What are the classifications of Alpine speakers?

Alpine speakers come in three classifications: Type-R, Type-S, and Type-E. Each class has its own distinctive style and power level. eBay has a number of new or used Type-R, Type-S, and Type-E speakers to choose from. The speakers can also be upgraded to fit your needs. The differences between the three classifications are:

  • Type-R: These mid-range speakers offer sound clarity and power and are designed to handle a lot of bass. Chose from component or two-way configuration.
  • Type-S: The Type-S version is equipped with components that can fit various factory openings. The S-version features more than 240 watts of power.
  • Type-E: While these speakers lack the power of the other two, they have superior sound quality.
What is the difference between Alpine speakers and woofers?

Alpine speakers and woofers operate a bit differently. People often confuse the two and dont understand that they both play an important role in the sound quality. First of all, you need speakers to have sound. The woofer is designed to put out low-frequency sounds. Here is a more in-depth explanation:

  • Alpine speaker: The speaker controls the sound reproduction. Electric signals are taken from the source (CD, cassette, DVD) and are mechanically converted into the sound you hear.
  • Alpine woofer: The bass that is heard in music is controlled by the woofer. Alpine woofers range between 8 inches and 18 inches in size. The sound frequencies produced by woofers range from 40 Hertz to 1 kilohertz. See the manufacturer site for details.
Which Alpine speakers have the most power?

Alpine offers many varieties of speakers for you to choose from. The following are designed to give you sound quality:

  • Alpine SPR-60C 6.5 speakers: These speakers are designed for the individual who loves his or her music loud. They can handle a lot of power while delivering distinguishable bass.
  • Alpine SPR-60 6.5 coaxial speakers: These two-way coaxial speakers are designed to deliver 300 watts of sound that is powerful and well-balanced.
  • Alpine SPS-610C 6.5 Type-S component speakers: These two-way coaxial 240-watt speakers are small but pack a lot of sound. These are a compatible model if you are looking for a set to replace your manufacturers speakers.
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