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Introductory Guide to Alpine Tweeters for Cars

Alpine Electronics is a subsidiary of the Japanese electronics manufacturer Alps Electric. This company makes many types of audio equipment, and most of this equipment is made for cars. Find high-range speakers that will work in your car by considering the options offered.

What are car tweeters by this brand?

A tweeter is a type of speaker that produces sound at a high frequency. These are the smallest types of speakers included in car audio systems, and there are usually multiple tweeters arranged throughout a vehicle. These car audio devices can be used to accentuate high-pitched sounds while listening to your favorite music when you ride around in the sunshine with your friends.

These devices are controlled from a central location. The device which controls these speakers is called a vehicle stereo, and it contains various controls which can alter the sound produced by audio devices in the vehicle. You can maximize the output of the tweeters in your vehicle by accessing the equalizer in your stereo. You can do this by turning the high range on the equalizer up to the maximum levels.

What are some of the features of car tweeters?

This brand makes many different types of tweeters, and understanding the features of each type can help you make the right decision when it comes time to purchase audio equipment. Some of the features of these types of speakers which vary from model to model include:

  • Size: These devices are made in a variety of different sizes. Different vehicles will have different sizes of openings for tweeters, so consult your vehicle's specifications before making a final decision.
  • Frequency bands: As you sort through the offerings in this collection, you will find that some tweeters are labeled as 2-way while others are labeled as 3-way. This designation refers to the audio bands that a speaker emits. A 2-way speaker will emit high and medium bands, and a 3-way car speaker will emit high, medium, and low frequency bands.
  • Power draw: These devices also vary in terms of how much power they use. This power drawn by one of these audio devices is listed as RMS watts and peak watts. RMS watts refers to the amount of power that is drawn under normal circumstances, and peak watts refers to the maximum amount of power that an audio device can draw.
  • Dome type: The type of dome used in these audio devices varies from model to model. Many of these audio devices are equipped with titanium domes, but other models may use different materials.
How many of these speakers come in a package?

Different audio device kits will come with different numbers of devices per package. Some kits include four audio devices, and these devices can be installed in all four corners of your vehicle. Other kits include two devices, and these audio devices are designed to be installed at the front of your vehicle.