Altavoces para computadora de 4.1 canales Altec Lansing

Altec Lansing

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Choosing Computer Speakers

Altec Lansing makes quality engineered stereo speakers for your desktop computer. The sound that is produced from these speakers is top notch, crisp and clear and will enhance your multimedia and audio experience. They have several series of computer speakers, however their 4.1 speaker system is one of the most modern, and acoustical sound systems on the market.

What are the features of the Altec Lansing 4.1 computer speaker system?

  • Power.This computer speaker system is powered through an AC power adapter. However it is suggested to utilize a serge protector in case there are any power outages or brown-outs, so you don't fry your system or PC.
  • Speaker System.There is one subwoofer with four satellite speakers with a total output power of 95 watts. The speakers have an output of 11 watts with the subwoofer having an output power of 55 watts. This speaker system has wired connectivity along with and integrated amplifier that has active amplification. The frequency response is 30-18000 HZ. The controls included in this system include power on and off, subwoofer volume control, and regular volume control. (
  • Driver.This speaker system has a full-range driver set-up with one subwoofer driver that is 3 inches in diameter.

What should I look for in a speaker system for my computer?

  • Functionality and Compatibility.How your speakers work for you and how compatible it is are important items to take note of. Sometimes you may want to play music or watch a movie from your phone or tablet and being able to utilize your speaker set is important. Additionally, having multiple audio input interfaces allow you to be able to hook up multiple devices. Furthermore, bluetooth capabilities are more and more popular as people want to enjoy their multimedia experiences wirelessly. (
  • Portability and Adaptability.Factors often change including where your PC is set up and how you utilize it. These are important things to consider regarding how easily you can move around your speaker system and how it can adapt to your ever changing needs.
  • Usage.You may use your computer for a variety of multimedia purposes including watching movies, listening to music, and playing video games. To have a satisfying experience, you should have a surround sound system that measures up to your PC and meets your needs.
  • Accessories.While the accessories that come with or are available for your speakers have nothing to do with how the speakers actually sound, they do enhance your listening experience. Accessories like headphones and remote controls are always bonuses to have.