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What is Animal Crossing Nintendo Merchandise?

Much like the other famous simulator, The Sims, Animal Crossing appeals to players who like open-ended tasks and customized world building. Because this Nintendo game is so popular, Animal Crossing Merchandise is widely available. 

What is Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing is a Nintendo video game.

  • In each Animal Crossing game, the player controls the character of a human who has recently moved to Animal Crossing.
  • Animal Crossing is a rural village populated by animals with human characteristics. 
  • There's no real objective to the game Animal Crossing, so it's considered an open-ended game. 
  • Players spend their time in the village socializing with the other citizens, collecting items, planting plants in their garden, and customizing their home. 
  • Animal Crossing works with the same clock and calendar of the real world. This means that if it's springtime for the player in the real world, it's springtime in Animal Crossing as well. 
  • Similarly, there are holidays and in-game events like trees growing that the player can partake in. 

What are Different Kinds of Animal Crossing Merchandise? 

Just like in the game, players can collect a variety of Animal Crossing Nintendo merchandise. This includes

  • Action figures of the Animal Crossing game characters. 
  • Cell phone cases with characters on them.
  • Animal Crossing Amiibo cards to collect. 
  • Cell phone charms in the shape of characters that you can attach to your phone. 
  • Officially licensed Nintendo clothing, like t-shirts
  • Dolls, toys, and figurines in various sizes and materials, such as vinyl and resin. 
  • Plush dolls, or plushies, that look like the Animal Crossing villagers. 
  • Stickers and washi tape that look like the villagers from the game to decorate your journals or bullet journals. 
  • Mugs and posters to decorate your room or office with. 
  • Nintendo Wii Amiibo figures.
    • Released as a part of the Amiibo Festival, Nintendo Animal Crossing Amiibos are figurines that you can use to add characters to Nintendo Amiibo games. 

What are the Most Popular Kinds of Animal Crossing Game Merchandise? 

The most popular kinds of Animal Crossing Merchandise are 

  • Plushies with characters like Isabelle, also known as Shizue, and other villagers are popular collectibles from the Nintendo merchandizers. 
  • Shizue, a dog villager who wears a uniform in Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing New Leaf, is a popular figurine and plushie. 
    • She is a kind-hearted character who is always very supportive of the player, which is one of the reasons she's so popular.
    • She is the player's secretary in New Leaf.
  • Animal Crossing stickers are also a very popular collectible item. 
    • You can use stickers for a number of different things from decorating your office supplies to encouraging your students with stickers. 

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