Compact and Chic Computing: The Apple MacBook Pro

For the loved one in your life who lives by their electronics, help them take their computing to the next level with a MacBook Pro. Designed to weigh little and take up little desk space while still delivering on its internal specifications, these laptops bring Apples quality and aesthetic to the loved one who needs their computer to do some heavy lifting. Browse the many offerings eBay sellers have in their listings, at multiple price points, from new in box, to factory refurbishes, to used. 

What Designs Does the MacBook Pro Come In?

The MacBook Pro is available in two different designs, one slightly smaller than the other. The first option is a 13-inch display that weighs in at 3 pounds and is 14.9 millimeters thick. The other is a 15-inch display that weighs 4 pounds and is 15.5 millimeters thick. This laptop fits into most bags with little trouble, making it easy to transport from place to place.

How Fast Is the Apple MacBook Pro?

The Apple MacBook Pro has up to 4.1 GHz of TurboBoost, up to 3.2 gigabytes SSD read speeds, and up to 10 hours of battery life. The model is fast in performance, and the extra battery power keeps the machine charged for longer without having to factor in time plugged in.

What Kind of Processor Does This Style of Mac Use?

Seventh generation Intel core makes the MacBook Pro fast even when it is rendering three dimensional models or encoding video clips. The machine is equipped with enough intelligence to tone down energy usage when it does lighter tasks, such as word processing and email monitoring. Video compression and streaming are made simple with the MacBook’s 10-bit HEVC hardware acceleration.

What Are the Details of the MacBook Pro’s Display?

A stellar display is a must for most users.  LED backlighting and high contrast ratio means that the MacBook’s display features dark shades of black and bright whites. Large pixel aperture and variable refresh rate mean power efficiency so that the display stays consistently clear through all 10 hours of battery life. The machine also supports more vibrant shades of green and red with 500 nits of brightness, a plethora of color shades, and a high contrast ratio.

What Is the Touch Bar?

The touch bar replaces the typical function keys on the top of the keyboard. Based on the task you are completing, different touch options show up. Some of these are standard, like volume control and brightness options, while others have to do with viewing options and relevant variants.

What is Touch ID?

For the working spouse who needs a little extra security when they take their computer on the go, Touch ID replaces typing in a password to unlock a MacBook Pro. The users fingerprint is utilized for security clearance instead. They can program their selected fingers into the computer, and then they can touch the screen to access all of their information and files. This adds a whole new level of security to the MacBook Pro.

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