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Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch Series 2 puts the ultimate in convenience on your wrist. Need to answer a call while driving? Talk to your watch. Interrupted at lunch by an unnecessary call? Don’t pull out your phone, just swipe your watch.

Apple Watch 2 works with your iPhone, by connecting with Bluetooth™, and allows you to access many of your phones features from your wrist. Did you know that the average smartphone user checks their phone more than 75 times per day? It is much more acceptable to take a quick look during meetings or social events, rather than engaging with your phone. If an important call comes in, just swipe and talk, no need to stop. And let’s not forget Apple Pay, which saves you from pulling out the credit card at participating vendors. Apple Pay is easy to use, tap the button twice to select a card, put your watch near the payment terminal, and the beep and tactile feedback will tell you that the transaction has been accepted.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the available features, starting with apps. There are more than 20,000 for download from the Apple App Store and more than half of these support Apple Watch complications.

What are Apple Watch Complications?

Complications are information windows that you add to your watch face. Keep calendar events visible so that you can see them at a glance, keep track of your Activity updates to meet your daily goal, check on the weather to see if it’s a good day to go for a run.

This information can update automatically so that it is always current, depending on the time and your location. Use the Time Travel feature to scroll through your day or week.

What are some of the available Apple Watch apps?

  • Twitterrific – Take control of twitter, show only the bits you want, manage the stream. It has the tools to simplify your Twitter experience.
  • Pennies – Keep track of your daily, weekly or monthly budget. Quick access to see how much you have left to spend.
  • Deliveries – Have a package on the way? Automatically track it and see when it’s delivered. Works with UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service, DHL, TNT and several others.
  • CARROT – A fitness app that nags and insults you until you perform as specified. Plenty of motivation to get you up and moving.
  • VLC remote – VLC is a popular video and music streamer and player. Control all the basic functions with your Apple Watch, so you never need to leave the couch again.
  • TripIt – Keep track of flight, hotels and cars by sending the confirmations to TripIt, and it will remind you when you need to do something. It also stores itinerary and other key documents.
  • Outlook – Check your email and calendar, with a simplified, uncluttered screen. Connects to other Microsoft products, like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, But it also connects to Gmail, Yahoo and iCloud, as well as several others.
  • Buy Me A Pie! – Need to pick up some groceries on the way home, and your significant other wants to add a few items to the list? They can make additions on their personal Apple device and bam, it’s on your list. Will also remind you that it’s time to shop.

What are the improvements in series 2 watches, compared to series 1 watches?

  • The display of the series 2 is twice as bright as its predecessor.
  • A new GPU doubles the performance for apps and games; expect up to 60 frames per second, depending on the game.
  • Option to handwrite on the screen to reply to messages.
  • SOS feature that alerts emergency contacts to your location.
  • The series 2 features a pressure-sensitive display.
  • The series 2 is swim-friendly with water resistance up to 50 meters. There is new software to track swimming and surfing.
  • The series 2 features a built-in GPS.
  • You can get a Nike version of the series 2 with a special app for runners.

What are the available models for the Apple Watch Series 2?

  • Stainless Steel - Space black stainless steel or stainless steel. Sapphire crystal, Retina display, and a ceramic back.
  • Aluminum - Space gray, gold, rose gold, or silver aluminum. Ion-X glass, Retina display, and a ceramic back.
  • Edition - White ceramic. Sapphire crystal, Retina display, and a ceramic back.
  • Hermès - Stainless steel with Hermès watch face and engraving on the back. Sapphire crystal, Retina display, and a ceramic back.
  • Nike+ - Space gray or silver aluminum. Ion-X glass, Retina display, and a ceramic back.

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