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Searching for Vintage Projectors and Screens

Are you a collector and appreciator of vintage equipment and paraphernalia? Perhaps you wish to revisit or see your own family memories and images on an authentic movie or slide projector, as did your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents from pre-digital decades.

Who is This Brand?

Argus Inc. was a US maker of 35mm film cameras, movie cameras, and slide projection and viewing equipment from the 1930's until the 1960's. Electronic and photographic equipment from this company went to domestic, professional, educational, and military use.

  • Slide projectors produced in 100, 150, 200, and 300-Watt models.
  • Designs range from models that require slides to change one at a time, to models with rotating wheels to swap a slide while you're viewing another, to designs that can load with several slides to view in succession.
  • Both manual and automatic models were released, some with remote controls.
  • Smaller handheld, tabletop, or desktop slide viewers or slide pre-viewers also came from this company.
  • Movie projectors supported 8 mm films.

What Should a Slide Projector Have?

The componentry of a slide projector is relatively simple. A slide projector in working order will usually include at a minimum, the following elements:

  • Slide Holder: On 35mm slide projectors from this company these come in different types depending on the size and model. These include single or dual sliding trays, circular or rotary trays, or stack loaders.
  • Lenses: Internal lenses project both the light onto the slide and then focus the image to the viewing surface.
  • Cooling units: This company used original lenses specially designed to draw the heat away from the film and other componentry and/or internal fans.
  • Bulbs: Bulbs in vintage projectors are usually easily replaceable when needed to match the size and wattage used by the equipment.
  • Case: This company's projectors often came with a sturdy case, or part of the casing came built in and the top section or cover came off to grant access to the working components.

What Other Equipment and Accessories Might Be Necessary?

Along with the projector, other equipment and accessories that may come in handy to search for include:

  • Screens : Portable projector screens can come in a full range of designs and styles including folding, pull-up, or pull-down models. To carry through the retro look, older vintage projector screens often come with metal tripods. Vintage projectors often work well with just a plain white wall as well.
  • Maintenance Equipment: A lens cleaning cloth and spare bulbs are always a good idea to have with any type of projection or photographic equipment.
  • Slides: Once you've worked through your family archive of slides, if you have a 35mm film camera, slide film is still available to take and create your own collection!

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