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Armstrong Home Flooring and Tiles

Armstrong manufactures flooring products for residential and commercial buildings. The products are made primarily from real and synthetic materials that are designed to resemble real wood, marble, stone, and other materials. The flooring comes in tiles, planks, and rolls.

What type of flooring products are available?

There are a number of different flooring products and types available, including:

  • Hardwood: This floor is made out of solid planks of wood grown largely in the Appalachian region of the United States. You can get real hardwood flooring made out of hickory, maple, oak, red oak, and white oak.
  • Engineered wood: Engineered floors are made by compressing wood together. The top and bottom layers are made with real wood, while the layers in between the wood are made out of plywood. There are usually 7 to 9 layers altogether in a plank. Engineered wood is designed to be used in areas where moisture is a concern. The planks can be built to mimic solid pieces of birch, cherry, and other types of wood.
  • Vinyl: Armstrong vinyl flooring is made out of chlorine and ethylene. Additives determine the flexibility, color, and thickness of the material. There are both vinyl sheets and tiles available for use on floors, walls, and ceilings. Vinyl flooring can be placed over concrete, metal, and asphalt surfaces.
  • Engineered stone: This is made by crushing stone and adding an adhesive to it, like a polymer resin. The material can be made to mimic marble, natural rocks, and distressed wood. This product is typically used in large commercial places like shopping malls and hotels.
  • Laminate: This synthetic product is made by laminating a series of sheets of material together. The first piece of material is a clear protective coating. The second piece under the clear layer is decorated with the design of the floor. The rest of the piece is typically made out of melamine and fiberboard. The floor can be made to simulate natural wood and other materials.
How do you install the flooring?

Flooring materials can come with directions on everything from how to prepare the sub-flooring to installing the tiles, sheets, and planks. Depending on which flooring you get, the process can be quite different. Some types of flooring use interlocking pieces, while others may use an adhesive of some form to secure the material to the sub-flooring.

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