Pintura automotriz Multi-Etapa

Automotive Multi-Stage Paint

Automotive multi-stage paint has been used since the 1980s. The product replaced single-stage paint because it allowed auto body technicians to have more control over the final project. With multi-layer paint, the detailed process allows for buffing in between stages, which can remove any tiny imperfections before the paint has dried completely.

How many layers of multi-stage paint should be used?

Multi-stage auto paint is applied in layers. An auto body tech will apply a layer of color, let it dry and, then, apply a layer of multi-stage paint. The process is repeated until the desired look is achieved. The amount of layers it takes to complete this process is based on a variety of factors:

  • Color (rich, dark colors may require more layers)
  • Whether the vehicle has had car body damage in the past
  • If its a gloss finish
  • Whether its been painted previously in the past
What type of multi-stage paints are available?

When painting a car using multi-stage automotive paints, youll have several choices. Additionally, its important the process is completed in appropriate succession. To get a perfect finish, you will need a variety of multi-stage paints:

  • Urethane base coat
  • Acrylic urethane
  • Acrylic enamel
  • Candy paint
Are multi-stage paint kits available?

Automotive multi-stage kits are available. Most kits will include urethane and enamel products. There may even be painting supplies included with the kit. However, the candy paint needed to finish the project will need to be found separately.

Can multi-stage paint be used with pinstriping?

If you are adding pinstriping or lettering to your vehicle, you will want to use multi-stage paint. Following through with this process will help you preserve the lines of your stripes or letters. When a multi-stage process is completed, it will also reduce the risk of the stripes and lettering fading or peeling over time.

What color candy paint is available with multi-stage automotive paint?

When you use a multi-stage car paint process, you can paint your vehicle any color you would like. Vehicle manufacturers have been using this process since the 1980s because it gives vehicles a clean look with little need for touch-ups later.

The process is also ideal for use with pearly and metallic finishes. With a pearl or metallic finish, any imperfection is immediately noticeable. However, when multi-stage paint is used, the person completing the job will have many chances to catch and correct the imperfection before the final layer has dried.