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A Buyer's Guidelines for Purchasing Baby Lock Sewing Sergers

The right sewing serger allows you to complete projects in less time and with sturdy seams. Baby Lock sewing sergers are available in a range of models, and each has its own features. On eBay, you can choose from different stitch functions, operations, classes, sewing activities, and accessories for gently used and new Baby Lock sewing machines for sale at reasonable prices.

Classes of the inexpensive Baby Lock sewing machines and sergers

There are several classes of new and used Baby Lock sewing machines sergers, including

  • Handheld: These small, portable Baby Lock sewing sergers are designed for repairs and alterations on-the-go.
  • Household: This operational class is designed for routine hobby use, such as finishing quilts or garments.
  • Professional: These feature differential speeds for tailoring clothing and creating decorative elements.
  • Industrial: These have the fastest speeds, most space to the right of the needle, and highest number of thread spool holders.
Some features of the Baby Lock sewing sergers for sale

The features of the reasonably priced, fast Baby Lock sewing sergers include:

  • LED lighting: This facilitates seeing each stitch.
  • Built-in needle threader: This saves time when changing colors of thread or starting the sewing process.
  • Bobbin winding: The automatic bobbin winder reduces tangling in the thread supply.
  • Free arm: This allows for curves, scrolls, and waves in the stitching.
  • Retractable thread cutter: This facilitates cutting the thread without removing the fabric.
Stitch functions of the durable Baby Lock sewing machine sergers

The stitch functions of the big Baby Lock sewing machine sergers include:

  • Button hole: This stitch seals the edges of the button hole so that the fabric does not unravel.
  • Wave stitch: This stitch is exclusive to the Baby Lock professional product lines, including the Acclaim and Accolade.
  • Overlock: This can be done with three to five separate threads for finishing the raw edge of fabric.
  • Cover stitch: Use this in order to create a decorative finish on the fabric.
How do you choose the right Baby Lock sewing serger?

When you're searching for a low-cost Baby Lock sewing serger, consider its:

  • Condition: Select a new or used serger.
  • Mode of operation: Choose manual, electric, computerized, or mechanical.
  • Sewing activity: Select a machine suitable for quilting, leather, wool, vinyl, embroidery, or denim.
  • Tension adjustments: Choose one with or without tension adjustments.
  • Thread holders: Choose one with three to seven spool holders for thread cones.
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