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Baby Shower Party Favors and Bag Fillers

Baby shower favors are keepsake items often given out to each guest as a reminder of the event. Sometimes, baby shower favors are prizes given to the winner of a game. An expecting mother has many options for baby shower favors and other simple gifts for guests of her party.

What can baby shower favors be used for?

  • Party reminder – A baby shower is a great way to celebrate the birth of an upcoming baby. Small party favors can be attached to the invitation to let guests know the theme and welcome them to celebrate with family and friends.
  • Gifting opportunities – Mothers holding a baby shower get a variety of gifts from their friends and family members, such as bottles and diaper bags. Favors show these loved ones how much their presence means and can act as small tokens of gratitude for the presents received.

What kinds of baby shower favors are available?

  • Candy – Candy is a fun item to add to a baby shower favors party bag. Choose whatever candy you think that your friends or family members will like and pair them with other shower favors that go with the party's theme. For example, a baby shower for a little girl could feature all pink candies.
  • Candles – Candles can be symbolic of shining a light on your loved ones. Candles are available in small sizes and a variety of colors, making them good baby shower favors that guests will appreciate.
  • Treat bags – Treat bags are a great choice for baby shower favors because they are fun and easy to compile for each guest. Favors like this work well for baby showers because everyone loves a snack to bring home from the celebration. For example, you could fill treat bags with popcorn and include a pun like "Mom is ready to pop!" and tie it with a ribbon color that coordinates with the baby's gender.

Are themed baby shower favors available?

Many baby showers will have themes that create an engaging look and coherent style. For example, you may have a sports-themed baby shower if you are expecting a boy or a jungle animal-themed shower if you want a gender-neutral theme. Try to choose unique baby shower favors that fit this idea. A wide variety of themed items are available, all of which make fine baby shower favors or prizes for games.