Bamboo Décor Baskets with Handle

Bamboo Decor Baskets with Handles

Bamboo baskets are home décor items that can hold many different things, such as magazines, food, and other household items. They are made with reeds of bamboo that are woven into circles, rectangles, squares, or other shapes. Bamboo decor baskets with a handle or pair of handles can be used to carry and store items, and they can also be used as decorations.

Where does basket weaving come from?

Basket weaving has been in practice for at least 10,000 years, and possibly even longer, in all parts of the world. Bamboo weaving was mostly practiced in eastern Asian countries, such as China, Japan, and Taiwan, because bamboo was the most available material.

How are bamboo baskets woven and finished?

Bamboo baskets are usually woven. When theyre made of thicker, more mature stalks, they might be pieced together like wood. The techniques used might include twisting, braiding, and moving in and out at right angles or in crisscross patterns. Bamboo can be finished with an epoxy, which helps keep the bamboo from developing mold. Bamboo can also be stained, which gives many baskets a two-toned or three-toned design.

What else is used in the construction of bamboo baskets?

Baskets of all varieties, including those made of bamboo, sometimes have a lining made of fabric on the inside. They can also feature lids woven with bamboo. They can have decorative elements attached to the exterior, such as pinecones, beads, and many other items. They can also be fabricated and embellished to look like representations of other things, such as birds or other animals, fruit, and other items. They can also have decorative elements made with other materials, such as metals.

Do bamboo baskets come in pairs?

Bamboo baskets can come in pairs or even as a set of nesting baskets in which each basket is the same shape but a different size so that one fits neatly into the next.

How do you clean a bamboo basket?

Baskets can collect dust and other debris in a home. Bamboo baskets can last for decades if cared for properly. For regular cleaning, dust the basket with a feather duster or the dust attachment on a vacuum cleaner. For deeper cleaning, place the basket in a pot with water and a small amount of clear, scent-free dish soap, and let it soak for several hours. Wash off all of the soap and repeat as necessary. You know that your basket is clean when the water that you are soaking it in is clear.