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Get Cooking with BBQ and Grill Replacement Parts

Just because your grill has stopped working doesnt mean that you have to get rid of it. eBay offers a wide range of new and used grill replacement parts to keep your outdoor barbecue cooking your favorite foods. Options for both gas and charcoal grill types can be found.

What replacement options are available for propane and charcoal grills?

Propane and charcoal grill components can be broken down into several categories that include:

  • Structural: Legs, fire bowls, propane grill covers
  • Cooking-related: Grates, griddle attachments, rotisseries
  • Propane-related: Knobs, burners, regulators, hoses, attachment points

Choosing the components you want is often a factor of the pieces available for your grill and the work or skill required to replace them.

What grate options are available?

Grate products are built with strategically spaced gaps that let grease drop away from food. Porcelain, steel, and iron are just some of the material options that are used to make a traditional grate for a gas or charcoal grill. Depending on the brand, there may be an enamel coating on the surfaces. The enamel component prevents sticking when delicate foods are grilled at high temperatures. Choosing the right grate for you can be a factor of:

  • The types of grates that fit your grill
  • The weight of the grate options and how cumbersome they are to lift and clean
  • Durability vs price of the grill mesh
  • Mesh size and how it fits the foods you grill
  • If you want specialty grate additions like griddles or open rotisserie attachments
What should you consider with aftermarket parts?

There is a wide variety of aftermarket options for many grill types. Some exist as upgrades to make your grill better or allow it to serve a specialty purpose. Some are simply replacement parts that come from third-party manufacturers. Others may be used parts from a different year of grill model. When choosing parts that were not part of the original grill structure, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you are choosing a grill made from a different metal than the original, the cook type and temperature may change. For example, aluminum will heat and cool faster and iron is good for long, slow cooks without a lot of gas or charcoal output.
  • Dimensions are not the only thing to consider. Look at fitting types and specialty shape considerations for parts.