Slay in a New Pair of Basketball Shoes

Whether you like to play in the post or fire away from deep in the three-point territory, having the perfect pair of kicks can help bring out you’re A-game. If you plan on getting a new pair before your next play, don't miss out on eBay's selection of basketball shoes. From high-tops to low-tops, you will find a multitude of options that will support your style of play. Take your pick from Nike, Under Armour, Reebok, adidas, Jordan, and other brands you like. Choose your favorite colors and hit the hardwood in style. Elevate your game with the pair that will help you make an impact.

Here are some of the options you may want to check out: Youth Basketball Shoes.

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Basketball Shoes FAQs

What distinguishes basketball shoes from regular athletic shoes?

Basketball shoes are designed to provide specific performance features like ankle support, cushioning for impact protection, and traction patterns optimized for quick movements and abrupt stops that are common in basketball. Air Jordan basketball shoes are designed for on-court performance. They often feature technologies like responsive cushioning, durable outsoles, and ankle support that are meant to enhance a player's performance and comfort during games.

What type of cushioning is used in basketball shoes?

Various types of cushioning technologies are used in basketball shoes to provide comfort, impact protection, and responsiveness on the court. Nike's Air technology is widely recognized. It involves encapsulated Air units within the midsole that compress and then expand to absorb impact. Also from Nike, Zoom Air features tightly stretched tensile fibers in an Air unit. Many Nike basketball sneakers, such as Jordan Ultra Fly 2, use Zoom Air.

What are the benefits of high-top basketball shoes?

High-top shoes increase coverage and support to the ankle area, which can help limit excessive ankle movement. This design may offer better ankle stability, especially for players who frequently make lateral movements and abrupt direction changes on the court.

What is the importance of traction in basketball shoes?

The traction pattern on the outsole of basketball shoes consists of various patterns and grooves designed to enhance a shoe's ability to grip the court. Traction assists in generating the required force from the ground, enabling players to explode off the court with power and efficiency. A shoe with good traction allows players to plant their feet firmly and push off effectively, translating their physical effort into swift and controlled movements.

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