Batteries for Samsung Galaxy S4

Cell Phone Batteries for Samsung Galaxy S4

Your Samsung Galaxy S4 may require a replacement battery when the old one is no longer functioning satisfactorily. Buying a new battery when necessary is recommended to increase your phones reliability. Replacing the battery will enable uninterrupted use of your device when it is needed.

How long can this phone go between battery recharges?

Samsung claims to deliver up to 17 hours of talk time with the Samsung Galaxy S4; other activities such as gaming or using apps come close to the same amount of power usage. The average time reported by consumers is 12-14 hours.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S4 require special batteries?

The S4 uses a 2600mAh 3.8 V Li-ion battery, so a special battery is not required. Make sure the battery you are using meets these technical specifications to prevent permanent hardware damage. Using the correct batteries will allow your phone to function properly.

Can you use a S3 battery in the S4?

Those upgrading from the Galaxy S3 to the Galaxy S4 can use the S3 as a backup for the newer model if need be. There is, however, a slight difference in width, although the thickness and height are the same. You will notice a slight difference in running time, but otherwise your phone will function the same.

How do the S3 and S4 battery versions differ?

As previously mentioned, you may use the S3 battery with an S4; however, there is a difference in the running time capacity. This can be seen in the specifications. The S3 is rated 2100mAh while the Galaxy 4 is rated 2600mAh, but they will both charge correctly within the S4.

Can you replace your own Galaxy charging equipment?

Replacing the charging equipment for a Samsung Galaxy S4 can be done at home. Many online tutorials are available to learn how to accomplish this yourself.

How do you swap batteries in the Galaxy S4?

Follow these simple steps:

  • First, turn off your Galaxy.
  • Carefully slide the cover off the back of the phone, utilizing the small socket on the side.
  • Lift the cover away from the receiver, and keep it nearby.
  • Remove the current battery. Position the replacement in the slot, making sure the contacts align with the Galaxy. Give it a gentle push to secure it in place.
  • Slide the cover back onto the phone the way it was removed. Seal the cover around the edges to ensure it is securely in place.
  • Charge your Galaxy. Chances are the device has little to no power and needs to recharge. For best results, plug it into your Samsung Galaxy charger.
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