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What are Bell and Howell 16mm Projectors?

Many people still have reels of family films in their attics with no way of watching them. Some people collect old movie reels of their favorite films. If youre looking for a way to enjoy these treasures, then the a 16mm projector Bell and Howell might be good for you. 

What is Bell and Howell?

  • The Bell and Howell Company was founded on February 17, 1907. 
  • Theyre known for creating and manufacturing home film projector models as well as movie projector models. 
  • The company of Bell and Howell worked with technology such as Super-8 cameras and film cameras. 
  • Bell and Howell also specialized in still cameras.
  • The Bell and Howell 16mm projector models work as movie projectors and were also able to work with sound projectors. 
  • Bell and Howell Company worked with companies such as Canon and Apple. 
  • Theyre mostly known for their 8mm film, 16mm film and other film projector models for schools and offices. 

What Kind of Bell and Howell Projectors Are There?

There are many different vintage Bell and Howell projector models. These are just a few of the ones you can still find out there. 

  • The incredibly expensive Standard Cinematograph Type 2709 hand-cranked camera (used in silent films). 
  • Amateur cameras like Filmo, Autoload EE, and the Eyemo.
  • The Type N-6A, a military 16mm film gun camera.
  • Film projectors and cameras for Regular-8 and Super-8

What Do I Thread My My Bell and Howell 16mm Projector?

Theres an art to threading an old Bell and Howell 16mm film projector. Some vintage models will need more finesse than others, but here is a good guide to begin with. 

  • Plug in the projector, but dont turn it on. 
  • Swing out the reel arms of your projector. This will either be in the front or on the top of the projector. 
  • Snap the film reel and take-up reel into place. Because the reels rotate in a clockwise direction, the film should hang out on the right side of the reel. 
  • 16mm film has perforations on both edges of the film. Line up the perforations with the teeth on the projector. 
  • Flip the direction lever to "Forward." If youre manually threading the film, unroll about two feet of film to thread through the projector. 

How Do I Take Care of My Bell and Howell Projector? 

Vintage projectors need some super careful care and attention. To make sure your Bell and Howell 16mm projector runs smoothly, you need to take care of it. 

  • There are certain cleaners that work well to clean up optical sound film projectors, such as Deranns cleaners. 
  • If youre having problems with picture film quality, make sure your lens is clean and free of scratches.
  • If your lens is too damaged, you should be able to find a replacement lens for your Bell and Howell 16mm Projector. 

Vintage projectors can be a wonderful way to experience old films and family videos. Bell and Howell 16mm vintage projectors and sound movie projectors are a great tool to use for this purpose.

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