Bicycle Child Trailers

Choosing the Right Bike Trailer for Kids

Hooking up a trailer to your bike allows you to keep younger kids safe during rides. These trailers come in several styles and sizes to accommodate 1 or 2 kids. Consider the age and weight of your kids to choose the one that will work for your needs.

What are the weight limits on bike trailers?

The weight limit on kids' bike trailers varies depending on the model and manufacturer. With many brands, you have the option to choose between a single child bike trailer for use with one child or a double bike trailer that can safely hold two children at once. The weight limit on bike trailers generally ranges between 85 pounds and 125 pounds. Most are recommended for use by children from ages 1 through 6. These ratings are based on the frame and how much weight it's able to carry safely.

How does a bicycle child trailer install on my bike?

Most bike trailers are easy to install with simple tools. They have an attachment that goes under the nut on the rear tire of your bike. A wrench may be needed, but this depends on the design of your bike. Most trailers are compatible with all types of adult bikes. Each kids' bike trailer may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

What safety features are available on kid's bike trailers?

When choosing a bike trailer, safety is important. Some trailers have specific design features that increase their safety rating. Consider the following information on safety when choosing a bike trailer for use with children.

  • 5-point harness - this is ideal for younger children to keep them secure during rides
  • Weatherproof design - optional waterproof cover that can be used in inclement weather
  • Seat padding - keeps children comfortable and provides support
  • Ventilation - helps prevent overheating during rides on hot days
  • Anti-tip hitch - prevents the trailer from turning over in the event the bike falls
What other features should be considered when purchasing a child's bike trailer?

Some bike trailers have extra features that increase their functionality. One of these features is storage capability. Some trailers include storage pockets where you can keep snacks, drinks, and other essentials. You can also consider getting a trailer stroller that converts to a hiking or jogging stroller which makes them great for travel.

Can these bike trailers be folded?

Many bike trailers for kids are lightweight and can be folded. Most trailers range in weight from 20 to 40 pounds. When folded flat, these bike trailers can be put into the cargo area of most SUVs. Some unfold and refold easily while others require several steps to set up and take down.