BISSELL Vacuums, Carpet Cleaners & More

Since releasing their first carpet sweeping machine in 1876, BISSELL has expanded to meet the changing needs of its customers. From vacuum cleaners to steam mops, BISSELL has a solution for most homes, including those with pets. Read on for more information about the different types of appliances offered by BISSELL.

Choosing the Right Vacuum or Cleaning Appliance

Cleaning carpet and smooth surfaces requires different approaches. BISSELL offers an array of floor-cleaning appliances to suit many needs. To find the right BISSELL tool for your home, there are a few helpful things to consider:

  • Surface Type: If your home is fully carpeted, a vacuum cleaner is an easy solution. For hardwood and vinyl, a mop and broom are handy to tackle most any task. Certain vacuum cleaners that allow you to disable the spinning brush can clean all types of surfaces.
  • Pet Hair: Pets present a unique challenge when keeping a tidy home. To remove stubborn fur, choose a pet-specific vacuum.
  • Level of Cleanliness: Carpet shampooers and steam mops are ideal for spring cleaning and homes with children. They use heat, and sometimes soap, to scrub out stubborn dirt and stains.

Upright vs. Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Both BISSELL appliances work by lifting dirt and other particles off your floor. However, each type is best suited to a different aspect of that task.

  • Upright Vacuum: This is likely what comes to mind when you picture a vacuum. Upright vacuums are dynamic, often coming with a variety of attachments, and easy to use with their familiar shape and optional self-propulsion.
  • Canister Vacuum: Lightweight and versatile, canister vacuums consist of a cleaning head attached to a wand and bendable hose. They simplify the task of vacuuming stairs and under furniture and are also easy to store.

Best Features for Pet Owners

Owners of furry animals face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining a clean home. To remove fur and dirt build-up on floors and upholstery, BISSELL offers vacuum cleaners with specialized features like:

  • Enhanced Suction: Extra vacuum strength helps dislodge fur trapped in between cracks and fibers.
  • Air Filters: HEPA filtration helps reduce odor and allergens.
  • Specialized Attachments: Look for a sturdy roller brush attachment that assists in cleaning hard-to-reach places.
  • Larger Bags: A large bag helps prevent frequent bag changes.

Certified Refurbished BISSELL Products

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