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How Do I Know When I Need a New Battery for My Smartphone?

BlackBerrys are known as great smartphones for work and for play. Their QWERTY keyboard makes texting, emailing and Tweeting a breeze. But if youre having problems with your BlackBerry Q10 battery, check out our tips below. 

What is the BlackBerry Q10?

The BlackBerry Q10 is a marriage of touchscreen technology of the smartphone and the QWERTY keyboards BlackBerry is known for. 

  • BlackBerry mobile phones are known for being durable and good for work.
  • The Q10 continues this trend, along with an 8 Megapixel Camera on the back and a front-facing camera.
  • Its bigger screen makes it easier to view websites and e-mails.
  • The Q10 phone itself comes with 16GB, 2GB Ram and a microSD slot for adding more memory to your mobile. 

Why is my BlackBerry Q10 Battery Draining so Fast?

BlackBerry batteries are known for their long battery time. If theres a problem with your battery life, it could be

  • Youre working with a brand new Q10 battery.
  • The screen of your phone is too bright and taking up more power.
  • Youre often in a bad cell service area. 
  • Your Q10 battery is defective.

How Do I Make My BlackBerry Phone Battery Last Longer? 

Again, because most BlackBerry batteries are so durable, the problems should have an easy fix.

  • If youre working with a brand new BlackBerry Q10, give your batteries a few days to adjust. You should allow the battery to drain fully then charge fully for the first few days. After that, users have reported up to 14-16 hours of battery life. 
  • Reduce screen brightness as well as the keyboard backlight brightness. 
  • Use WiFi instead of cell service whenever possible.
  • Change your app background refresh settings to something less frequent.
  • If all else fails, you can purchase a new, or backup, BlackBerry battery. 

How Do I Replace My BlackBerry Q10 Phone Battery? 

If you have to replace your BlackBerry battery, this process is really simple. 

  • Turn your BlackBerry device off. 
  • Slide the back cover down to detach it from the phone.
  • Use the notch at the top of the battery pack to remove the battery.
  • When youre inserting a new battery, make sure the connectors on the new battery line up with the connectors on the device. 
  • Once youve inserted the new battery, slide the back cover back on.

The BlackBerry Q10 could be a good phone for work but in order for it to do that, it has to work for you. See if our tips help you with your battery life. 

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