GMC Envoy Blower Motors

GMC produced a mid-size SUV, the Envoy, for model years 1998-2000 and again from 2002-2009. A steady temperature makes your Envoy model comfortable. Routine maintenance of your vehicle, therefore, should include inspection of the climate control system’s blower motor.

Does a blown motor relay fuse indicate a problem?

The motor relay is like a switch that turns on when it receives a message to either circulate or limit power for the airflow. If it is not working correctly, it could cause a spike in the current and overwork the system. That is why the system, or the fuse, in this case, will shut down. It is protecting itself from damage. If the relay goes too long without servicing, it could potentially lead to more severe electrical issues, such as melted wires or the relay itself.

Why would the blower motor stop working?

There are two likely reasons why your GMCs fan blower motor may quit working. One is the relay. Your A/C and heater blower motor will not function if the current stops sending a signal. The resistor could be another cause. The resistor resists excess current from the electrical system. If your SUVs resistor has gone out, then excess flow might hit and destroy the blower motor.

Why is the Envoys air conditioner not working?

You may want to consider some possible causes if your GMC air conditioner is not blowing out a steady cold air stream. You can look at other possibilities if your vehicles refrigerant has been refilled recently and is not leaking. Your Envoys evaporator or condenser coils could be at fault. They may need cleaning. Also, you might want to consider the air compressor itself. If you are hearing loud noises coming from the A/C unit, it is possible that the cars air compressor bearings are failing. The clutch system also sometimes needs attention. There are times when you only need to replace the clutch, but other times the entire compressor needs to be considered.

Why do the RPMs change when the blower is on?

Some change in the engine RPMs of your GMC Envoy is average if you are idling. The idle should be somewhere between 700 and 1,000. The car is adjusting to its HVAC system, so that it does not overheat, and it conserves fuel. The direct drive blower motor on the vehicles heat and air system connects to the engine, and each applications speed is affected by the other.