Nissan Frontier Blower Motors

Available from any major Nissan dealer in Crew Cab and King Cab models, the Nissan Frontier is a light pickup truck first introduced to customers in 1997. It is called the Nissan Navara in Europe and Asia, and its regarded for its excellent engine and transmission. If you are experiencing problems with the blower motor in your Nissan Frontier, understanding the part can help you fix it.

What is Nissan’s blower motor, and how does it work?

Nissan Frontier’s blower motor is the central component of its HVAC system. Located near the heater core or evaporator of the car, it is responsible for circulating hot or cold air through vents and into the cabin. The temperature of the blower depends on the manual climate settings or, in an automatic system, the automatic sensors. The blower consists of a DC motor, a fan, the housing, the resistor, and the switch. The resistor controls the speed of the fan, and the climate-control switch adjusts the temperature of the air. When voltage is applied to the electric motor, the fan drives large volumes of air through the blower. If the air passes through the heater core, then it will push out hot air, and if it passes through the A/C evaporator, it will blow cold air through the truck.

What are the signs of a failing Nissan blower motor?

The Nissan Frontier blower is designed to last for several years in your Crew Cab or King Cab vehicle, depending on how often it is used throughout its lifespan. Eventually, however, the motor will wear down and fail, typically due to an electrical problem or a burned-out motor. When the blower stops functioning properly, it will render the entire heating and cooling system completely inoperable, no matter how well the rest of the system is functioning.

The signs of a failing motor usually include little or no airflow from the blower or a problem with the window defogger. Assuming that it is not related to a blown fuse or a fan, the problem is likely to be the motor itself. If the blower is making high-pitched squeaking or grinding noises, it might also signify a problem with the bearings. You may then need to replace the entire motor in the Nissan Frontier blower.

Is compatibility important in purchasing a new Nissan blower motor?

As a customer, you should consider compatibility as the most important factor in your purchasing decision. Most Nissan Frontier blower motors are only designed to work with certain vehicles, so you should always check to make sure that any Frontier motors you consider are compatible with the make, model, and year of your Nissan Frontier before purchase. If you are unsure of what motor you should buy for your pickup truck, then you should follow the recommendations of your original equipment manufacturer, or OEM. The OEM recommendation will ensure that you get the full compatibility and reliability from new Frontier motors.

Different types of Nissan Frontier blower motors do not have enormous variation in terms of performance, but if you are constantly driving your vehicle through harsh conditions, you should consider purchasing a blower that can withstand high temperatures, humidity, corrosion, dust, large shocks, and vibrations. This will ensure improved safety and a more enjoyable experience behind the wheel of your car.