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Finding Home Audio Shelf Stereos

Getting a stereo for your home can be difficult, especially when you have limited space. However, limited space doesn't have to mean limited quality to your stereo system. There are plenty of Bose products that provide a nice sound while still small enough to put on a shelf.

What are Some Stereo Systems to Consider?

Bose, an American company based in Massachusetts, is known for its audio equipment and CD players. Along with loudspeakers and stereo systems, it also sells headphones, car audio and professional radio equipment.

  • Wave SoundTouch Music System IV: This player system is a more contemporary design with nice sound quality and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection for streaming music. It also comes with a CD player and AM/FM radio. Some older models have a remote so that you can control it from a distance but newer models can be controlled with an app on your smartphone.
  • Acoustic Wave Music System CS2010: This old school stereo player was produced in 1992-1996 but it still delivers a powerful sound. It is the last model with cassette deck functionality, and it also comes with AM/FM radio and an auxiliary cord. With the aux cord you can use it as an amp and plug in a turntable, a microphone or an electrical musical instrument with the right adapter.
  • SoundTouch 20 Wireless Speaker: This radio system is a portable option. While it does not have CD or cassette player capabilities, it can play FM radio as well as stream music from your phone or iPod.

What are some Features I Should Look for in my New Stereo?

Knowing what you are looking for in a stereo to choose one that fits your lifestyle makes searching much easier. In order to get a stereo that plays your music just how you would like it to, consider these features:

  • CD Player: Still listening to music on CDs? You should look for a stereo with a CD player. You may have to choose an older or larger model as many newer models focus more on WiFi and Bluetooth features so that listeners can stream music with their phones.
  • Cassette Player: Cassette tapes may be an older form of technology but tape decks or recorders are becoming a more popular analog music storage system. Few tape decks are still being made as well as many second-hand or vintage tape decks.
  • Smartphone Connection: Whether it's wireless or requires a cord, when playing music from your smartphone on your stereo, you should make sure that the stereo can connect to your phone.
  • Range: Sound systems with a "full" range play much clearer and detailed audio because the receiver can produce a lot of types of sounds. Look for one with a range between 20 Hz to 20 kHz for crisper sound.
  • Wattage: The wattage determines the number of decibels it can produce. So, when wanting to play music louder, look for one with higher wattage. An average home stereo system has about 150-200 watts.