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Bowflex Elliptical Machines

Bowflex Elliptical Machines

Nautilus Inc. offers a series of fitness training equipment under the brand name Bowflex, designed to meet a variety of fitness needs. Since releasing their first product, Bowflex 2000X in 1986, the company has manufactured a wide array of equipment ranging from smart activity trackers to elliptical machines, cardio machines, and home gyms.

What is a Bowflex elliptical machine?

Elliptical machines, sometimes known as cross-trainers, are stationary fitness machines that mimic the motion of walking, running, jogging, or stair climbing. This Bowflex equipment helps users get their daily dose of cardio, and it is designed to help reduce the amount of stress you put on the joints. Bowflex elliptical machines are available for a variety of users, ranging from athletes looking for a HIIT machine to beginners who need to protect their joints.

What are some common features of ellipticals made by Bowflex?

A few of the features found on ellipticals made by Bowflex are listed below.

  • Variable Resistance: These Bowflex machines often have more than 20 resistance levels. As users increase the resistance, they will feel a noticeable increase in the difficulty of their workout. Bowflex M3 offers 8 resistance levels, whereas, Bowflex M7 has 20 computer-controlled resistance levels.
  • Multiple workout programs: Ellipticals manufactured by Bowflex come programmed with a set of built-in workout programs, like Calorie Burn, Fat Burn, and 15 Minute Intervals. Users can automate inclines with these different workout programs. Users can also create customized workouts with their own individual resistance profile.
  • 22-Inch stride length: These ellipticals come equipped with a 22-inch stride length.
  • Pedal cushioning system: These machines are ergonomically designed with a pedal cushioning system. The pedal cushioning system allows users to adjust their machines pedal angle, which accommodates users with specific needs. This feature can also be used to promote muscle activation, adding intensity to a workout session.
  • Maximum control: Bowflex machines come with multi-grip handlebars, which can give users better control over the display.
  • Burn rate console: To meet weight and exercise goals, its essential that users have all the important statistics at their fingertips. The Burn Rate console allows users to check stats ranging from heart rate to calories burned while they exercise. These machines also provide chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring during workouts.
  • Synchronizing capabilities: Bowflex synchronizes with iPhones and Android devices to provide users with detailed updates on their progress.
  • Bluetooth compatible: Bowflex machines are Bluetooth compatible allowing a wide range of applications.

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