Celebrate the Holidays With a Budweiser Holiday Stein

Every year, Budweiser has an annual tradition of selling a collectible holiday stein. The large drinking mugs feature highly detailed designs, including their famous Clydesdale horses. Whether you're completing a collection, starting a new one, or finding gifts for others, learn about these affordable collectibles and the most ideal ways to shop for the keepsakes on eBay.

How are 1980s and new Budweiser 2018 holiday steins different from each other?

Over the years, Budweiser has stuck with a similar art style for all of their Budweiser Christmas stein releases, but there are some clear differences in the physical release of each stein. For example, when comparing a vintage stein from the 1980s and a mint Budweiser 2018 holiday stein, one of the biggest differences comes in the textures featured on the collectible. The artwork on the older stein will feature elements that stick out, including designs like the horses. The 2018 steins are typically all flat on the image and may have some etched design elements on the handle or base of the stein. Other than the 3D textures, the aesthetic and sizes all match each other through the years.

How to pick Budweiser Christmas stein gifts

Whether you shop for vintage steins or one of the stylish 2018 Budweiser stein collectibles, there are various ways to choose a gift for a family member or friend. A mint condition stein will come inside the original box, which adds to the value and makes the stein easy to wrap. The year of the stein release may mark something significant. For example, someone born in 1986 may enjoy a stein from that year. Search specifically for the year to find the most affordable options. If someone has turned 21 in the year, the stein could make an ideal Christmas gift to celebrate their transition into adulthood.

Differences between a single item and lots with Budweiser holiday steins

As you shop for a 2018 Budweiser holiday stein, there are many different purchase options to chose from. Some will be listed as single items and others will be packaged together as lots. The lots have several advantages while shopping. The shipping price with one lot as opposed to multiple single auctions may be more affordable. Lots are also an ideal way to get a whole collection at once if you're looking to collect all of the steins. A single listing is ideal if you're looking for one specific stein and do not need more than just that one. The pictures are the best way to see the condition of the mugs and allows you to get to a nice visual of what they look like.

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