Butcher Knives

A butcher knife is a tool that's used during a variety of meal preparation situations. Because many butcher knives are up to 10 inches long, you can cut, cube, slice, and dice safely. A butcher knife benefits:

  • Casual cooks
  • Professional kitchen chefs
  • Outdoor grilling crews

How do you handle butcher knives?

All butcher knives are designed with a convenient handle that enhances safety and precision throughout both simple and complicated kitchen preparation routines. The polished wooden handle on a butcher knife typically has grooves that help a chef tackle a variety of knife tasks with comfort and ease. The thickness of the handle also aids in providing a firm grip. If you work in a heated environment while using a butcher knife, the product won't slip out of your hands as a wooden handle has pores that ensure proper air circulation.

How sharp are butcher knives?

Many butcher knives are sharp enough to cut through raw meats and veggies. The edge of the blade doesn't weaken easily because knife designers use highly efficient metals, such as stainless steel and carbon steel. After a few uses, the edge will stay sharp since the metal gains a razor edge through a heat-treated process. However, the razor edge may become less sharp once many prep routines are done. In order to hone a blade that is dull, you'll have to use a proper sharpening tool.

What butcher knife options are available?

Standard butcher knives by are suitable for common kitchen meal prep routines. If you need a product that can cut through bulky meat products, a meat cleaver with a boning blade is worth considering. Most cleavers are constructed out of a stainless-steel material that doesn't rust. Knife designers also offer products with a:

  • Curved blade: The curved, steel blade can be used during a preparation routine that involves delicate items, such as fish.
  • Jagged blade: When food needs to be cut without causing damage, a jagged blade is a suitable option.
  • Carving blade: A butcher knife with a steel carving blade is a practical tool for slicing through steak and other cuts of meat.

How do you store butcher knives?

Most steel cutlery bundles include multiple knives and an accessory that protects all of the items. Many brands offer a case with slots for all of the knifes or a wooden accessory that secures each butcher knife on a wall.