Cabinet Drawer Slides

You have likely experienced the frustrations of dealing with a jammed cabinet drawer, one that jumps off its tracks, or one that is difficult to open. Such experiences illustrate why selecting the right drawer slides is crucial for a successful cabinet or furniture project. High-quality cabinet drawer slides make work easy.

What are the different types of drawer slides?

Listed below are some of the common types of drawer slides:

  • Nylon roller: These are used with epoxy-coated steel slides. They provide a smooth, quiet movement and can support weights of 74 pounds or more.
  • Precision ball bearing or steel ball bearing: These offer a great sliding feel and fit. The inward and outward movement of these drawer slides are either progressive or telescopic. Ball-bearing slides can handle heavy loads greater than 200 pounds. Those used in industrial settings can often hold weights up to 500 pounds, such as in heavy file drawers.
  • Soft close: These drawer slides do a great job of protecting a drawer from the damage that could be caused by shutting it too fast. By using hydraulic dampeners, these slides help reduce noise as well as enhance the durability of the cabinet. Their shock-absorbing functionality makes them a smart choice for use in rooms such as offices and kitchens.

What are the different drawer mounting options?

  • Under mount: The parts of these drawer slides are installed below the drawers, and therefore they cannot be seen when extended. This type of drawer slides are often used in high-end kitchen cabinets since they won't interfere with the general beauty of dove-tailed, finely crafted wooden drawer slides.
  • Side mount: These are attached to the sides of the boxes and to the sides of the cabinet. They are a common mounting option and are found in many cupboards.

What cabinet extension options are available?

  • Full extension: Also referred to as full access, these slides extend the entire length of the drawer, giving access to all of its contents. They are popular in kitchen cabinets and are standard in many institutional cupboards.
  • Three-fourths extension: These extend to about three-fourths of the entire drawer length. This mounting option is often seen with nylon slides.
  • Overtravel: These extend 1 inch or 1-1/2 inch past the full extension. They are designed for situations where a desk's or countertop's extended lip would get in the way of accessing the full contents of the drawer. This mounting option is frequently used in file drawers.