Cables and Adapter for Samsung Camera

Do You Need a Cable or Adapter for Your Camcorder?

After spending time shooting some fabulous memories of family and friends or while traveling, you want to make sure that you have the right cables and adapters to either recharge your camera or connect to your TV. Connecting your Samsung digital camcorder to your HD TV allows you watch back the home videos you made using features like digital zoom or optical zoom, smart auto, and CMOS sensor.

What Types of Cables Are Available?

There are a variety of cables that you can find for your Samsung video camera. Make sure to check your instruction book to know the right cables to use for your model.

  • Power cable: A power cable or charger is perhaps the most important accessory that you can have for your camcorder. Making sure that your battery is fully charged before recording video is a critical requirement so as to avoid any disappointment when away from a power source.
  • AV Cable: An AV cable is for connecting your camcorder to your TV which features AV inputs. These are colored yellow, red, and white. One end of the AV cable has a part that you plug into the camera, and the other end has the yellow, red, and white audio and video parts to connect into your TV.
  • HDMI cable: An HDMI cable connects your digital camera to your HDTV. For this cable, you will find one connector that goes into your TV, and another which goes into your handycam.
  • S video cable: An S video cable is for standard definition video connection and is not recommended for high definition video quality.

How Do I Care for My Cables?

Even if you are an entry-level photographer, looking after your cables in the correct way can help to extend their life. You should:

  • Keep them in a safe place: When you are not using your cables, make sure you keep them in a safe place out of harms way. They should be kept in a bag or case where dust or water cannot get into them and where they cant come into contact with sharp objects.
  • Keep out of direct sun: The hot sun can cause cables to melt, so do not leave them in the direct sunlight. Also keep them away from fires or heaters as these too can cause melting.
  • Do not bend: Bending cables in half or winding them too tightly can cause the wiring to become damaged.

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