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Photograph with a Canon 600mm Telephoto Lens

You can take a lot of interesting photos with a Canon 600mm lens mounted to your SLR camera. The telephoto lens allows you to get close to subjects without physically being close to them. Many different Canon lenses are available on eBay, letting you choose the right one for your camera.

What mount does a Canon 600mm lens use?

A lens will connect to the front opening of the camera body. It twists and snaps into position. It is, then, released using a small button on the side of the opening. The lens will only fit if it is the same mount as the camera. Adapter rings can also be used so that a lens will fit with a different camera mount. With a Canon 600mm, there are a few options to consider:

  • Canon EF
  • Arri PL mount
  • Nikon F
What might be included in a custom bundle?

Many eBay listings will feature a custom bundle. This can include a number of different accessories that will go with your lens. It can offer you more flexibility when you have a photo shoot. Some accessories may also protect your lens.

  • Lens hood: Protect the glass from UV rays.
  • Carrying case: Make it easier to carry the Canon 600mm with you wherever you go.
  • Cleaning kit: Keep the glass elements clean of smudges and dirt.
  • Tripod: Mount the lens to a tripod when you're photographing.
What are some features of a Canon 600mm lens?

A Canon 600mm lens can offer you a wide array of features. This way, you can use it to take photos of nature, sporting events, and more.

  • Zoom: Adjust the focal length so that you have more or less than 600mm.
  • Image stabilizer: The lens stabilizes when you're not using a tripod to avoid a blurry image.
  • Autofocus: Focus in on a subject automatically without having to do manual adjustments.
  • High-quality: Elements are in place to give you the crispest possible image.
  • Lens collar: A built-in collar makes it easy to mount a tripod to the lens.
What is a lens collar?

A lens collar is a ring that goes around the front end of the lens to help with stabilization. The focal length is longer than many other lenses, making it heavy. A tripod can mount to the lens collar so that you have the stability needed without having to support all of the weight on your own.

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