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Why Choose An Auto Focus Film Camera?

While a digital camera offers many features that a film camera could never—simplicity and ease of use for one—the nuances are using film are a long-appreciated art form that can never compare to the use of a DSLR or point and shoot digital camera. When it comes to picking the right film camera, there are tons of options to choose from.

An autofocus film camera might be a good start for anyone looking to get more into shooting on film because its ease of use allows users to easily make the switch from digital to film photography. Where a manual focus camera may be a bit more tricky, an autofocus (or SLR) camera makes learning a new medium slightly easier.

How does it work?

An AF SLR camera allows the shutter to focus on its subject before taking the photo, while the SLR (single-lens reflex) part of the camera uses a mirror and light system to show the photographer exactly what will be captured through the viewfinder. While a manual focus camera will take some adjusting to focus on the image, an AF camera will adjust the lens focus when the user begins to snap a photo.

How Do I Eliminate Shutter Lag With My Autofocus Camera?

  • While shutter lag isn't as much of a problem with DSLR cameras in AF, it can sometimes pose an issue with AF film photography. Lagging usually happens when the autofocus is trying to focus on the picture before it takes the photo.
  • To eliminate this issue, simply press the shutter button halfway to focus on the image and then snap the picture when the camera has focused. In situations with low light it may be optimal to use a manual focus mode rather than auto focus to make sure you're capturing exactly what you need to.
  • Situations where manual mode works well are when you're shooting up close, full frame, or action shots as well as low light.

What mm Film Does the Canon EOS AF Use?

  • EOS SLR cameras from Canon made before 1996 use 35 mm film.
  • Any Canon EOS film model made after 1996 uses APS film.

What mm Lens Does Canon Offer in EOS Film Cameras That Have Autofocus?

  • Canon offers a wide variety of EOS film cameras with auto focus systems from 14 to 50 mm lenses.
  • Different film lenses offer different focal lengths for photos.
  • When looking at multiple lenses, you should choose based on what types of photos you plan on taking with your film camera.
  • A lower mm lens will have a bigger view, as the human eye is considered to have an equivalent of around 35 mm viewing capability, while a higher mm lens will take in a smaller view.

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