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Fisheye Camera Lenses from Canon

A fisheye lens can add distortion to your photographs, giving new perspectives even if the subject matter has been photographed many times before. Depending on the type of fisheye lens you are looking at, you may find yourself creating unique compositions and effects in portraits or nature shots that are just not possible with normal or wide-angle lenses. These fisheye camera lenses are designed to work with Canon cameras, helping you to get unique, sharp images.

What do fisheye lenses do?

Fisheye lenses are circular lenses that produce a visual distortion. This distortion results in a hemispherical or panoramic image. Photographs taken with a fisheye lens have a complex nonrectilinear appearance, meaning the center of the image is closer to the viewer than the outer corner of the photo, creating a circular or arced distortion. Depending on how the photograph is taken, for example, a horizon line may become curved. Fisheye lenses are often used to take close-up photos of nature or architecture.

What are the different types of fisheye lenses?

There are a few types of fisheye lenses that can be used to create distorted photographs. These lenses include:

  • Circular fisheye: these are lenses that have a 180-degree vertical angle of view; photographs made with this lens have the subject encased in a sphere, which results in the corners being dark; these lenses often used for scientific applications
  • Full-frame fisheye: this lens enlarges image circle so that dark corners are cropped out; full-frame fisheye lenses have 180-degree diagonal angle of view
  • Zoom fisheye: these lenses allow photographers to take circular and full-frame shots; make it possible create uniquely distorted photos without using multiple different lenses
What are some of the fisheye lenses offered by Canon?

There are two main fisheye lenses from this brand that you can use to create distorted photographs. The EF 8-15mm f-2.8 is a fisheye lens that weighs about 11.6 ounces and measures 2.9 inches in diameter by 2.4 inches in length. It is capable of capturing an entire view or taking close-up shots at a minimum of 8 inches focusing distance. It has a rear gel holder that can hold up to three precut filters, allowing you to do more with your photographs.

The EF 8-15mm f-4L is a fisheye zoom lens that was made for digital single-lens reflex camera bodies made by this brand that have EF lens mounts. It is capable of shooting imaging formats that range from full-frame to APS-C, which is an image sensor format that is similarly sized to the classic 25.1x16.7 mm size or 3.2 aspect ratio. It measures 3.1 inches by 3.7 inches and weighs about 19.1 ounces.

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