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Canon SLR Film Cameras

Make Memories With Canon SLR Film Cameras

Canon has specialized in the production of film cameras and other optical equipment for over 80 years. The company manufactures several models of film SLR cameras with various dimensions, accessories, and features for taking family snapshots and holiday photographs. If you are searching for an SLR camera, knowing how they work, what types are available to you, and what features some models have may help you choose the product that meets your needs.

What is an SLR camera?

Cameras with an SLR designation are single-lens reflex models. A single-lens reflex camera uses components that allow you to view and capture photographic subjects in a way that sets it apart from standard point-and-shoot optical devices. The precise specifications for these film cameras can vary depending on the model in question, but most of them operate in the same basic way.

  • Mirror and prism system - SLR cameras use a system of mirrors and prisms housed within the camera body to view and reflect subjects.
  • No distortion - With this system, you are able to see precisely what you will capture on film without any distortion.
  • Looking through the viewfinder - You will view the image in the viewfinder through a mirror before you capture it on film.
  • Taking the snapshot - When you press the shutter on the camera, the mirror moves out of the way to allow light to pass through the viewfinder.
What are some common features of SLR cameras?

Every SLR model will have slightly different specifications and features. However, there are some common elements that most of these optical devices share with one another. Some features you may find during your search for an SLR device include things such as:

  • Lens mounts - SLR devices have the ability to house and accept multiple lenses for photographing a range of objects from large to small. The Canon AE-1 model features a standard FD mount for interchangeable lens options.
  • Camera body - Many of these film cameras allow you to swap out the camera body for a different one and still keep your old lenses for use in the new body.
  • Different lenses - Using a different type of lens can change the way a scene appears through your viewfinder.
How do you use and maintain an SLR film camera?

Because these types of film cameras function differently from others in the same class, there are some basic steps to keep in mind when using and taking care of these devices. If you need to clean the lens of the device, consider using lens tissue and lens cleaner. Avoid cleaning the tiny reflex mirror inside the unit. You may also wish to pair your photographic device with a battery to avoid carrying a separate light meter with you. While each model may have different requirements, here are some operating instructions:

  • Select the lens of your choice and mount it on the camera.
  • Open the back of the camera, load it with film, and select the desired speed.
  • Frame your subject and bring it into focus.
  • Take a photograph.
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