Car & Truck Air & fuel Delivery

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Car and Truck Air Intake & Fuel Delivery Parts

Consider an air intake system to increase your car or truck’s performance. These handy devices force every ounce of power out of your vehicle’s engine, increasing horsepower to as much as 20%. You can compare the air intake system to the make and model of your car or truck and check for additional part requirements to help your vehicle run more efficiently.

What is a cold air intake system?

The engine generates power from its bay. On stock engines, the air intake fills with heat as it flows through the engine’s bay. A cold air intake system operates by pulling the air from outside the compartment. With cool air flowing through the system, fuel burns efficiently. The result is increased horsepower.

  • Cooler air flowing into the combustion chamber will generate more power.
  • Aftermarket intakes have large tubes, which contribute to uninterrupted airflow.
  • The colder air gets, the denser it becomes. Thus, a cold air intake system can release more oxygen at a lower temperature.

What are the benefits of a cold air intake system?

Engines require a combination of air and fuel to power a truck or car. Manufacturers design intake systems to muffle the sound in cars and trucks, not to increase power. The cold air intake system will help your vehicle perform more efficiently. Heres how:

  • Improved airflow helps increase fuel efficiency.
  • The revs multiply, giving the vehicle a boost in speed.
  • The throttle valve releases air quickly to create more power.

What’s the difference between cold air and short ram intake?

Both cold air intakes and short ram intakes increase horsepower. They also come with removable air filters. The difference between the systems lies in the path each takes to generate power and how each system uses the filter. Before making a selection, review the differences below.

  • Choose a cold air intake kit for the highest power gains. Cold air intake systems push the air filter away from the heat. They pull the cool air from outside, allowing them to generate more power than a short ram.
  • Select a short ram system for easy installation and access to the air filter. Short ram systems suck air from the filter to produce power. They also have a short pipe, making them easier to install than a cold air intake system. Short rams offer easy access to the filter for cleaning. They are ideal for trucks and cars that frequently drive through mud and high water.