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Carhartt Men’s Shorts

Carhartt is a brand of clothing that makes work wear designed to fit the needs of farmers, construction workers, hunters and other outdoor jobs and activities that require clothing that is of solid construction. Their men's shorts come in a variety of different materials including denim, canvas, and other cotton-based fabrics. The shorts also come in a variety of styles including cargo shorts, work shorts, and carpenter shorts, and the material comes in colors, such as gray, olive green, and khaki.

What features should you look for in Carhartt men’s shorts?

When choosing a pair of Carhartt men’s shorts, you can consider styles, fabrics, and textures. Using a guide will help you narrow the available options of Carhartt shorts.

  • Choose the length of the garment: The length of men’s work shorts is measured from the inseam. This is the distance from the crotch area to the hem. Carhartt makes shorts that land anywhere from around the lower part of the thigh to mid-knee.
  • Pick the fit: Carhartt shorts are available in four types of fit, including regular, loose, slim, and stretch. Carhartt’s shorts are typically available in a loose to slim fit.
  • Select the material: This garment is made of light and airy materials. The most common material is cotton. Carhartt offers casual and workwear made with cotton, denim, ripstop, duck, and twill.
What characteristics do Carhartt cargo shorts have?

Carhartt cargo shorts come in a variety of different sizes and fabrics and have certain features:

  • Cargos have many pockets: Cargo shorts are designed with numerous patch-like pockets on the outer area of one or both legs. In fact, Carhartt designs them to have multiple pockets on the front and back of the garment. Its work shorts have deep enough pockets to hold items like keys, small tools, a cellphone, and wallet. These cargo shorts even have a loop for carrying a hammer without the need for a tool belt.
  • The fit is different from cargo pants: These Carhartt shorts are made to have a looser fit than the closer fit of Carhartt's long pants.
  • Tougher fabric: Rugged cargo shorts are made with a thicker material than work shorts, including canvas, denim, and other materials. All will have stitching with thread that is heavy weight.
What is a ripstop fabric?

Many Carhartt shorts come with ripstop fabric, which is a type of material that is usually made of nylon and is woven in a crosshatch pattern which makes it more resistant to tearing.

What is duck fabric?

Duck, or cotton duck, is a type of material that is similar to canvas except that the fibers are woven together more tightly.