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CatGenie Supplies

CatGenie is a self-cleaning, litter-free cat box. The company has an entire line of products specifically designed to make sure your cat's potty box remains a clean, healthy place to do his or her business. From 120 SaniSolution cartridges to machine maintenance packs and washable granules, these products are an environmentally friendly, simple method of keeping your cat box fresh with less investment in time and manual labor.

How does the CatGenie work?

The CatGenie is a self-cleaning cat box that needs minimal changing and utilizes 100% biodegradable products. It replaces traditional clay cat litter with recyclable granules that are dust free and septic safe. The unit hooks up to a waterline, and you can choose to have the particles cleansed on a periodic basis, such as four times a day, after each time the cat uses the box, or on demand. When the disposal cycle is activated, the liquids that flow through the particles and the broken-down waste are all flushed out through a drain tube into your toilet or a floor drain. While the CatGenie does not use traditional cat litter, you will still need to buy supplies to keep the unit sanitary and to make sure the mechanism continues to operate as designed. These cleaning supplies will typically last you several months.

How long will the CatGenie 120 SaniSolution cartridge last?

How long one cartridge lasts depends on how often you run the cleaning cycle and what cycle setting you use. For example, if you have two cats and set the disposal process to activate after every cat visit, your solution will likely not last as long as if you set the disposal to activate four times a day. The solution will generally last for 120 to 240 washings.

How often are the machine maintenance packs required?

The maintenance packs remove the lime and grime buildup on your CatGenie. The need for regular maintenance is especially important on the hard-to-reach parts, such as the water and disposal lines, as well as over the water sensor. The company recommends using a maintenance pack once every two to four months.

How often must the washable granules be changed out?

Since the granules are washed during the cleaning process, they do not need to be changed out. However, when cats dig, granules are kicked out onto the floor and a small amount is disposed of with the cat's waste. You will periodically need to replace the lost washable granules. CatGenie expects a box of replacement granules to last you four to six months.