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Use Solar Power Chargers and Cradles to Keep Your Devices Charged

Solar chargers and cradles help you charge your devices wherever you are. These chargers are available for most types of phones and tablets. They are ideal for outdoor activities and can also help keep your phone charged in case of an emergency where you don't have access to electricity, and they can be easily found on eBay.

How do solar chargers work?

Solar powered chargers and cradles have a solar panel on them that collects energy when the charger is in direct sunlight. This energy is then used to power your compatible phone or other devices. The amount of time needed in the sun to fully charge your device depends on the power of the charger and your device's battery. Most solar chargers connect directly to your device with a USB cable so that you can charge your device on the spot. There are many affordable options available on eBay.

What features should you look for in a solar charger?

There are several features that can make a charger more functional. To help you make the right choice for your needs, here is some information on optional features that can be found on some chargers on eBay:

  • Waterproof - Keeps the charger safe from the elements; works well for camping and hiking
  • Flashlight - Provides you with a light source when you need it
  • Universal fit - Can be used for many different types of devices; works well for groups or families
  • Dual ports - Allows you to charge two devices at once
What devices can be charged using solar power?

Solar chargers can be used to charge nearly any type of mobile device. They work for many different cell phone brands. Tablets and other devices that use a USB port for charging can use solar chargers. Some solar chargers can charge more than one device at once. If you have multiple electronics that need charging you may want to look for a charger that's capable of holding a higher solar power capacity so that you can charge all your devices quickly.

How do you choose the right cradle for your device?

The most important consideration when choosing a solar charger is the brand and model of your device. Many of the top brands of cell phones use the same type of connection for charging. Some of the available solar chargers and cradles work with these different brands. To find the one that will power your device, read the product description to check for compatibility.