Excellent 24-karat Yellow Gold Chain Fine Necklaces and Pendants for Men

The right yellow gold chain can be the perfect accessory for a fancy dinner out or a special occasion. To find a new or used piece of jewelry that fulfills your unique needs, consider the options that yellow gold provides.

What types of 24-karat gold chains and necklaces are there?

There are a variety of different pieces of 24-karat jewelry that you can pick from. They each have special attributes, and they're each best suited for a particular occasion. Here are some common varieties:

  • Necklaces with pendants: Some gold jewelry pieces include pendants. These pendants don't have any stones, but they feature intricate designs. Some of these danglers look like hearts, while others are circular or cylindrical in shape.
  • Necklaces without pendants: Other options in this assortment are unadorned. They consist of simple chains of yellow gold. These pieces of jewelry come in a variety of different types.
  • Rope chain jewelry: These types of necklaces are linked in a style that looks like braided rope. It is also referred to as a snake link chain.
  • Figaro chain jewelry: This link type consists of a number of large sections that are connected in a flat line.
  • Byzantine chain jewelry: This link type is highly intricate. It consists of vertical and horizontal links that are connected in an alternating style.
What are some common lengths for yellow gold necklaces?

While these pieces of jewelry come in practically any length, a few common lengths include:

  • 16-inch or 400mm
  • 18-inch or 450mm
  • 20-inch or 500mm
  • 21-inch or 530mm
How do you choose a yellow gold necklace?

One of the most important considerations you'll need to make in picking the piece of jewelry that's right for you is the size of your neck. If you have a particularly thick neck, you'll need to pick a yellow gold chain or choker that is long enough so as not to be uncomfortable. As long as a necklace can fit around your neck, you can pick practically any length. Just keep in mind that longer pieces of jewelry will fall further down your chest. You'll also want to pick a link type that matches your outfit or your other accessories.