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Clarks Originals Desert Boots for Men

Clarks Originals Desert Boots for Men

Clarks was founded in 1825 in Somerset, United Kingdom, by brothers James and Cyrus Clark. The company has thrived since that time and has launched many iconic shoe styles for men, women, and children. The desert boot is probably the companys most famous style, closely followed by the Wallabee, a comfortable casual lace-up shoe adapted from the desert boot.

What is a Chukka shoe?

The Chukka boot is another name for the desert boot, an ankle boot originating during World War II. British soldiers stationed in North Africa wore footwear that was comfortable, cool, and durable. Mens shoe advertisements from Clarks featured "the shoe that defeated Rommel," the famous commander from the German Afrika Corps. Some other features include the following:

  • "Chukka" is the name of a period during the game of polo. Polo riders wore similar boots to British troops in World War II.
  • Desert boots are mens lace-up ankle boots that may be made of suede or leather.
  • Bushacre 2 boots may have a beeswax or smooth leather upper.
Where are Clarks desert boots made?

Some Clarks desert boots are made in England. The original mens edition was made with sand colored suede uppers hand-picked by Charles Stead. The company has issued a limited, numbered edition duplicating the first shoes. The shoes and boots, including the Originals line, are primarily manufactured in China, Vietnam, Brazil, and India.

What is a Wallabee shoe?

Wallabees were introduced in the 1970s as a moccasin-toe, crepe-soled comfort shoe similar to the desert boot. Wallabees differ from desert boots because of their moccasin styled upper, full crepe sole, and thickly padded heels. Other qualities are described here:

  • Wallabees come in the step style, regular boot, and step boot.
  • Wallabees have crepe soles for cushioned comfort. Insoles are padded, including the heel.
  • Originals Wallabees include several commemorative special editions, including football and basketball inspired colors and finishes.
  • Wallabee leather choices include beeswax black, suede, and nubuck.
How do Clarks shoes fit?

The brands shoes tend to fit true to size. Some styles like the mens motorcycle boot and Bushacre 2 shoe will need breaking in. Most Wallabees and desert "chukka" boots fit comfortably and true to size. These tips may help you choose a size:

  • Order half a size larger if you plan to wear heavy wool or cotton socks with your shoes.
  • Original brand boots and shoes are available in medium width only.
  • Regular Wallabees and desert boots are available in half sizes and medium and wide widths. Selected types like Bushacre 2 are available in extra-wide.
What are color choices for the classic boots?

The iconic desert boot comes in beige, black, blue, brown, green, gray, and red. The Bushacre 2 is available in medium and dark brown and black, including beeswax leather. Wallabees are available in similar colors and types of leather and suede.

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