Give Your Home Class with Pre-1930 Collectible Wall Clocks

Antique wall clocks made before 1930 come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and styles. Some also have unique features like chimes, pendulums, and alarms. Whether you're a seasoned collector or you're looking to spice up your home decor, there are many clocks to choose from on eBay.

What countries do these clocks come from?

Many countries made collectible wall clocks in the 1930s. A handful of these countries include:

  • United States: Some of the early American manufacturers of wall clock antiques include Thomas Harland, a contemporary of Paul Revere. He learned to make clocks in England. Others followed him, namely Seth Thomas and Silas Hadley. You might find an antique Waterbury regulator wall clock in a vintage school house design.
  • Austria:Austria has produced wall clocks that are renowned for their accurate timekeeping. Wooden wall clocks made in Vienna sometimes have a signed antique label, Corinthian columns in the design, or beveled glass faces.
  • Germany: A German wall clock is often characterized by their ornate, hand-painted dials and unique mechanisms such as blinking animals and cuckoo clock mechanisms.
  • France: French antique clocks make use of unorthodox yet luxurious materials such as porcelain and iron. Porcelain timepieces are often hand-painted as well.
What types of antique clocks are there?

It should come as no surprise that there are many varieties of wall clocks you can find. Some of the types you can find include:

  • Antique regulator clock: A regulator clock, usually made of wood, is an antique vintage timepiece that is wall mounted and driven by a swinging pendulum. Separate clock mechanisms drive the wall clock hands for the minutes and hours. You can find a walnut, wood-pendulum regulated grandfather clock made in this style or a smaller wooden clock.
  • Antique German wall clock: German wall clocks come in two main types: black forest clocks and cuckoo clocks. If the clock isn't hand-carved, it is usually hand-painted instead.
  • Antique banjo clock: This American clock is shaped much like the musical instrument, giving the wall clock its name. Its round top normally houses the clock itself, and the square or rectangular bottom can contain carvings or pictures inside of it.
  • Antique self-winding clock: These uncommon models do exactly what they say on the tin: they wind themselves, so you don't have to. Some self-winding clocks require batteries to operate.
What brands make antique wall clocks?

A variety of antique wall clock brands are available on eBay. Some common ones include:

  • Gilbert
  • Ingraham
  • Waterbury
  • Seth Thomas
  • New Haven
  • Welch
  • Junghans